Communication Arts Center

Theatre performance

The Communication Arts Center (CAC) at University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley is a unique academic facility that's also a performing and visual arts center.  The 51,000 square foot facility, as well as the more than 200,000 square feet of the adjoining campus, offers a variety of venues suitable for academic sessions, art exhibits, receptions, theatrical and musical performances, business meetings, fundraisers and public events.

The Preformers

The south plaza entrance of the CAC is marked by "The Performers," a striking polished silver aluminum sculpture comprised of three 12-foot high statues. Parking for the CAC is conveniently accessible on the west and south sides of the building, with the south entrance offering curb-side drop-off areas and designated parking places for those with special needs.

The CAC has facilities available to rent for performance dressing, make-up, restrooms, lockers and showers. A scene shop provides for paint preparation, tool and prop storage. While the primary function of the CAC is as an academic resource for the students, faculty and staff at UW-Fox Valley, it also serves as an important facility for community and state-wide events.

You can get involved with events at the CAC through volunteering with the theatre department.

The CAC's compacted footprint to incorporate a more eco-friendly design and incorporates Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Strategies, serving  as a model for incorporating sustainable design principles in the architectural design and the building operations.