Northeast Regional Leadership

Northeast Region

The University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley is part of UW Colleges Northeast Region, which also includes UW-Fond du Lac and UW-Manitowoc. The thirteen physical campuses of the UW Colleges are organized into four regions, North, Northeast, Southwest and Southeast, each with its own leadership team.

Northeast Regional Map


Each region has a one executive officer/dean. An associate dean, located on each campus, oversees day-to-day operations. The Northeast leadership team includes: 

Regional Executive Officer and Dean 

Martin Rudd

Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Carla Rabe
UW-Manitowoc Campus Administrator

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Bill Bultman
UW-Fox Valley Administrator

Associate Dean for Administration and Finance

Bethany Rusch
UW-Fond du Lac Campus Administrator

Regional Director of Communications

Laurie Krasin

Regional Director of Continuing Education

Suzanne Lawrence

Regional Executive Assistant

Renee Anderson