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UW Colleges/UW-Extension Chancellor Wilson and UW System President Reilly To Hold Media Session at UWFox

[This page is preserved for historical and reference purposes only.  The information contained on it may no longer be current.]

On Monday, October 16, the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley is hosting a special media opportunity on its Menasha campus. UW Colleges / UW-Extension Chancellor David Wilson and UW System President Kevin Reilly will be available to talk with the media between 3:15 p.m. and 4:15 p.m. This media session is being held in the Bohrod Gallery at UWFox. Dr. David Wilson

UWFox Campus Executive Officer and Dean, Jim Perry, will join Wilson and Reilly during the media session.

Dr. Wilson and Dr. Reilly will be taking part in a community-based focus group session prior to the media session and will visit with the media immediately afterward.

Wilson is the first Chancellor of the 13 UW Colleges campuses and 72-county UW-Extension integrated operation. He assumed his position on May 1, 2006.  This is his first opportunity to visit with media representatives from northeast Wisconsin. He has been traveling throughout the state since his appointment began in order to learn how the UW Colleges and the UW-Extension can better serve the people of Wisconsin. More information about Wilson can be found at http://www.uwex.uwc.edu/chancellor/.Dr. Kevin Reilly

Reilly became president of the 26 campus/extension UW System in 2004.  This is his second visit to UWFox since his appointment and the first time he has made himself available to the media in northeast Wisconsin since August 2004. More information about Reilly can be found at http://www.uwsa.edu/president/.

Among the topics that Wilson and Reilly would like to discuss with the media include the UW System growth plan and agenda; the future of the 13-four year universities and the 13 UW Colleges; how the UW-Extension can provide better service and products; how to work better with local governments and businesses; how to provide better academic programs for students; how to compete with other states for student talent; how the UW System can continue to be an economic engine for the state; how to help Wisconsin retain talented college graduates and fill important jobs “at home.”

In order to plan for the appropriate seating arrangement for this media session, please contact Dave Hager, Director of University Relations at UWFox, to confirm who will be attending from your organization.  Dave can be reached at 920-832-2611 or via email, david.hager@uwc.edu.

Posted 10/13/06