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UW System Regents 'Freeze' UWFox Tuition

Proposal extends tuition freeze at 13 UW Colleges campuses and sets $265 annual increase for students at most four-year campuses.

The University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents approved an annual operating budget and set tuition rates for the 2008-09 academic year at its June 5 meeting in Milwaukee.

UW System President Kevin P. Reilly recommended a budget based on the state’s 2007-09 biennial budget, approved last year with bipartisan support. Reilly’s proposed budget “froze” tuition for the second consecutive year for 12,500 resident students enrolled at UW Colleges campuses including the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley campus in Menasha.

With the tuition rate frozen at 2006 levels, UWFox maintains its long-held reputation as the UW System’s most affordable and accessible choice for incoming students who can then complete their bachelor’s degree at any four-year UW campus, or even at the Fox campus in selected programs.

The 2008-2009 tuition at UWFox remains at $4,268.00. Students assess fees upon themselves, bringing the campus’ combined cost to $4502.00,   $ 1723.00 less than UW-Green Bay, $1612.00 less than UW-Oshkosh and $3028.00 less than UW-Madison.

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Jim PerryIn response to Reilly’s announcement, UWFox Campus Executive Jim Perry noted “A great value in UW education just got greater. The Regents have renewed their commitment to provide access to high quality University of Wisconsin education for students who can profit most. With costs for so many things around us increasing, imagine if you could still purchase them today at 2006 prices. UWFox can take students where they want to go at the lowest cost in the UW System.”

The Regents approved a 5.5% increase for 11 of the UW System’s four-year campuses, amounting to an annual increase of $265.00 per student. Students at UW-Milwaukee will see a $340.00 increase, and UW-Madison students will be paying an additional $348.00. These increases do not include probable increases in student fees at these campuses.

UWFox is still accepting applications for the upcoming fall semester.  Contact the Student Services Office at (920-832-2620), or email foxinfo@uwc.edu, or visit the campus website www.uwfox.uwc.edu for more information.

Posted 06/05/2008