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‘Stir-Friday Night’ Comedy Group to Appear at UWFox

[This page is preserved for historical and reference purposes only.  The information contained on it may no longer be current.]StirFridayNight Comedy Group

Chicago’s premier Asian American comedy sketch group, “Stir-Friday Night!,” is appearing at the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley campus on Wednesday, April 4, at noon in the Student Union.

Billed as a Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Indian, and Korean comedy troupe, with a pound of sketch and a dash of improve thrown in, the Asian American “Stir-Friday Night” was founded in 1995 by Quincy Wong and Keith Uchima. “SFN!” travels the nation from coast to coast, presenting hilarious, thought provoking works that educate a broad spectrum of audiences about the Asian American and the human experience

“Stir-Friday Night!” attempts to dispel stereotypes and bridge understanding among the various social, racial and intergenerational groups within the community by using comedy as a tool.

“Stir-Friday Night!”’s productions are fun, fresh, and exciting with a blend of sketch comedy, improv, and audience interaction. Having worked with such renowned companies as Second City and Improv Olympic, “Stir-Friday Night!” has become a fixture in Chicago’s illustrious comedy scene.

The appearance by “Stir-Friday Night” is free and open to the public, with open and unreserved seating. For more information, contact Jeff Kuepper, Student Activities Coordinator, at 832-2671 or email jeff.kuepper@uwc.edu.

Posted 04/02/2007