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Scholars Evening 2010

Among the various activities of the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley Foundation, Inc. in 2010, the Foundation presented its annual “Outstanding Alumni Awards” at the May 21 UWFox Commencement Ceremony, and held its annual “Scholars Evening” on August 23.

The two alumni award winners, Dr. Charles Merbs and Mr. Terry Dawson, were presented with their awards by Jerry Iverson, president of the UW-Fox Valley Foundation.  A brief story about Merbs and Dawson appears on page 14 in the print version of the Foundation’s 2010 annual report.  More extensive profiles of Merbs and Dawson appear online at this link: www.uwfox.uwc.edu/whatsnew/alumofyear2010.html

At the annual “Scholars Evening,” two current UWFox students were asked to present their comments to the guests, parents and family members, Foundation board members, donors and other students in attendance. The presenters’ comments were edited, with their permission, to fit the space available on page 3 and 4 in the printed 2010 annual report. However, the power of Steve Acheson’s and Shari LaViolette’s stories, expressing their deep appreciation for what the donors and Foundation have done for them, makes for highly recommended reading.  The full texts of their comments, in their entirety as they were originally presented on August 23, are presented via the following links: 


Steve Acheson’s address at the Scholars Evening

Shari LaViolette's address at the Scholars Evening