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UW-Fox Valley Student Association Receives Honor

[This page is preserved for historical and reference purposes only.  The information contained on it may no longer be current.]

For the first time, the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley Student Association has won the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Student Government.

The honor is annually bestowed upon one of the 13 UW Colleges’ student government associations. It is being presented to representatives of the Student Association at UWFox’s annual commencement ceremony on May 16. The program begins at 7:00 p.m. in the campus’ Fieldhouse.

Jeff Kuepper, the UWFox Student Activities Coordinator, said, "This year’s Student Association was focused on service to students, the campus and the community in which they reside. Their work on campus improvement projects and community philanthropy is representative of their commitment to serving others. I’m very proud to have had the privilege of working with such an outstanding group of student leaders."

President Thomas P. Shields, treasurer Emilie Page, executive director Christina Zweig and vice-presidents Terence Broxterman and Michael Hengels lead the Student Association. Other members include Melanie Schroeder, Sonja Kuhn, Mike Rogers and Jon Groves. On average, the members met once per week all school year, while devoting additional time and effort participating in activities.

"I think everyone worked extremely hard to make the relationships between students and the faculty stronger," Page said. "To highlight just one of the things we did would be difficult, because we tried so hard to do so much. But one of the bigger things was probably the scholarship we made available to students."

The Student Association Scholarship will be awarded for the first time next school year, and is valued at $250 each semester.

The Student Association has been heavily involved in campus governance. It addition to attending and contributing to standing campus committees dealing with curriculum, long-term facilities projects, appointments and technology issues, the Student Association has initiated several other efforts to contribute to campus policies and the quality of education for all UW-Fox Valley students.

Some of the Student Association’s achievements include:

  • It organized a committee to oversee the allocation of Student Technology Fees that has provided funding for student-centered projects.
  • It inaugurated a partnership with campus administration that will serve to identify potential safety hazards through a campus safety walk.
  • It has taken the lead in efforts to refurbish the Student Union so that students and faculty alike can take pride in the campus.
  • It is initiating student advisory boards for the athletic programs and the Aaron Bohrod Fine Arts Gallery.
  • It held student forums, press conferences and legislator visits to keep students apprised of their academic future.
  • It was the first two-year campus to develop an "individual campus plan" specifically designed to offer a blueprint for diversifying the Student Association and increasing inclusiveness in the student body.
  • It strongly supported and encouraged the Gay-Straight Alliance on campus.

The Student Association also assisted with both the UW Colleges and campus convocations, with the annual e.a.t.s. fundraiser and with Parents Night and Preview Day. Said Kuepper: "They have answered the call enthusiastically every time they have been asked to participate in a campus activity."

And, to further illustrate its dedication to the campus and community, the Student Association participated in Habitat for Humanity, Adopt-A-Family, Bowl for Kids and Toys for Toys.

"At a time when so many seem to be looking to others for solutions, this Student Association took it upon themselves to do something to help students and those less fortunate in the community," Kuepper said.

Added Page: "We’ve all taken a lot of pride in what we’ve done with the Student Association."

Posted 5/7/2003