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Love Letters

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UW-Fox Theatre Presents Stage Production of 'Love Letters' : Smash Broadway Play Has Special Flavor of the Menasha Campus

The University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley is presenting Love Letters, a play that traces the lifelong correspondence of a "staid, dutiful" lawyer and a "lively, unstable artist." It is a story of a bittersweet relationship that unfolds through the reading of the couple's letters to each other. The play was a "smash hit both on and off Broadway," and has a limited run at the Menasha campus. The UWFox stage production is scheduled to run Friday, February 16 and Saturday, February 17 in the campus' Fine Arts Theatre.

Taking the co-lead as "Melissa Gardner" is Theda Babcock McLaren, recently retired from the UWFox faculty as an Assistant Professor of Communication Arts; she presently enjoys the status of Professor Emerita. The other co-lead as "Andrew Makepeace Ladd" is Tony Garton, currently on the faculty at UWFox as a Senior Lecturer in Music.

One of the interesting twists to this campus production is that McLaren and Garton participated in a play together over three decades ago! "It is a re-union of sorts," according to play director Michael Loy, Lecturer and Theatre Director at UWFox. "Theda and Tony appeared in Bye, Bye Birdie 35 years ago in the Sheboygan Community Theatre."

"It's been fun having a chance to be in a play again," McLaren shared. "The characters are really interesting, because we reveal our friendship of over 40 years to each through our letters."

The 90-minute play begins at 8:00 p.m. both nights. Ticket prices are $8 for adults and $5 for students with ID. Ticket information is available at 832-2646. There is free parking located on the West Side of the campus.

The University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley is located at 1478 Midway Road in Menasha, between S. Oneida St. on the east, S. Appleton Road on the west, and just south of Hwy. #441.

Posted 2/7/2001