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UWFox, FVTC, Counties Hold Dedication Ceremony For New Fieldhouse Floor

[This page is preserved for historical and reference purposes only.  The information contained on it may no longer be current.]

 A very special ceremony took place in the UWFox Fieldhouse on Friday night, December 5 just prior to the men’s basketball game tip-off between cross-town rivals UWFox Cyclones and Fox Valley Technical College. After the women’s game ended and before the start of the men’s game between the two campuses, Jim Perry, UWFox CEO/Dean, tossed up the “ceremonial center jump” to officially recognize the dedication of the new wooden floor in the UWFox Fieldhouse.

The significance of the dedication lies in the successful collaboration between four organizations.

The UWFox Student Association, the FVTC Student Government, Winnebago County and Outagamie County each contributed $25,000 toward the $100,000 total needed to cover the purchase and installation of the new playing surface. The UWFox Fieldhouse floor was comprised of a rubberized surface that was applied in rolls in 1990 and was in continual use until June, 2008, according to Jim Eagon, UWFox assistant dean for administrative services.

FVTC offers intercollegiate basketball team programs for male and female students and uses the UWFox Fieldhouse as its home court. The Fieldhouse is the home court for the intercollegiate Cyclones men’s and women’s basketball teams, women’s volleyball team, men’s club volleyball team, various intra-mural sports, as well as classes in physical education. The Fieldhouse is also used for large institutional meetings, UWFox’s annual commencement ceremony, and special campus-related events.

Winnebago County and Outagamie County are partners in the ownership of the UWFox campus property and buildings, per their joint 1959 agreement with the state of Wisconsin to build and develop the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley campus at its present location in Menasha.

Earlier this year, on January 7, a new floor “announcement ceremony” was held in the Fieldhouse. Pam Massey, UWFox athletic director and associate professor of physical education, presented a facsimile check in the amount of $25,000 to Winnebago County Executive Mark Harris, on behalf of the UWFox Student Association. Mark Van Rossum, acting president of the FVTC Student Government, presented Outagamie County Executive Toby Paltzer with a similar $25,000 facsimile check.

“The Fieldhouse needed a new floor for the simple reason that the previous one was past it's time,” Massey said.  “It’s wasn’t a very safe surface to be playing on anymore, due to the fact that it was very slippery, and it didn’t have any absorbency left in it. It was like running or jumping on cement.  Aside from the safety issues, the new wood floor will keep UWFox up-to-date with a quality facility, one that many students coming in are used to playing on in high school.  When people enter the Fieldhouse, they will see a new floor that looks inviting to them, not one that will turn them away."

For more information, contact Massey at 920-832-2643 or email pam.massey@uwc.edu

(left to right) UWFox CEO Jim Perry, FVTC President Susan May, Outagamie County Executive Toby Paltzer, and Winnebago County Executive Mark Harris address the audience during the ceremony.

UWFox CEO Jim Perry tosses up the ceremonial jump ball.

UWFox’s Joy Perry and Jeff Kuepper indulge in some “UWFox – FVTC” cookies provided by FVTC.

Posted 12/16/2008