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UWFox Hosts Stage Production of ‘Dead Man Walking’

[This page is preserved for historical and reference purposes only.  The information contained on it may no longer be current.]

The University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley is hosting a special production of “Dead Man Walking,” for one night only on Saturday, September 29, at 7:00 p.m. in the campus’ Fine Arts Theatre.  The play is being produced and performed by the University of Wisconsin-Marathon County. 

The stage production was written by Tim Robbins in 2002. Rather than having it produced on Broadway, he offered the play to schools, colleges and universities across the nation. His hope was that performances within educational venues could serve as a focus for a deepening reflection on one of the key moral issues of contemporary society."Dead Man Walking"

Called “The Dead Man Walking Project,” or shortened to, “The Play Project,” it is an opportunity to broaden discussion about the death penalty, as well as a chance to involve schools and their respective communities in an inter-disciplinary dialogue about this major social topic.

George Waller, assistant professor of political science at UWFox, will lead an interactive topical discussion with the audience and cast immediately after the play ends.

Robbins’ play was based on the book, “Dead Man Walking: An Eyewitness Account of the Death Penalty in the United States,” written by Sister Helen Prejean. Calling on her experiences during the time she served a prison ministry beginning in 1981, she turned her thoughts and impressions into her book in 1993. The book was on the New York Times bestseller list for 31 weeks and was later turned into an Oscar-winning movie that starred Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn.

Coincidentally, Sister Helen is scheduled to speak at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center on Monday, September 24, at 7:30 p.m. as part of the “Beacon of Hope…Light of Christ” program. For information about Sister Helen’s presentation, please contact the PAC at 920-730-3780.

Tickets are $10.00 for the “Dead Man Walking” one-night-only performance at UWFox. For more information about the stage play production and ticket availability, please contact Susan Rabideau, associate professor of communication arts and theatrical director at UWFox, at 832-2857 or email susan.rabideau@uwc.edu.  Tickets for the play may be purchased through the campus box office, with box office information available at 832-2646.

Posted 09/19/2007