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Barlow Focuses on Autumn Skies

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Barlow Planetarium Opens Two Star Shows This Month

"The Sky is Falling!," a children's sky show that includes a fun survey of things that fall out of the sky, including raindrops, snowflakes, leaves and even shooting stars, is now being shown at the Barlow Planetarium, located on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley.Barlow Planetarium Presents New Shows

According to Karen Klamczynski, director of the planetarium, “The show demonstrates rain, snow and meteors. It also includes sky stories about current, easy-to-find constellations in the night sky. This children's show is recommended for families with children eight years and younger. But, all ages will enjoy the show.”

Another new show, "October Nights Star Show," is a guide to the current night sky…and more! The show begins with hints on what to look for right after sunset, and continues with constellations and special objects that can be seen all evening long.

Klamczynski says, “You can hear the saga of Cassiopeia the Queen, which is the most complete story in the stars in that it involves SIX constellations that you can see in the fall sky. The story overhead involves royalty, vanity, monsters and heroes.”

Audiences learn what the starry constellations look like, how the ancients imagined these stars, and whether the story has a happy ending. In addition, the show presenter at the Barlow will give visitors a glimpse at a nearby galaxy and special stars hidden in these constellations. Audiences will also learn how they can catch a glimpse of pieces of the the most famous comet of all -- Comet Halley, on October 20th.

The “October Nights Star Show” show includes a report and dramatic pictures from the last Space Shuttle mission, which took new equipment to the International Space Station just a few weeks ago.

For more information about the Barlow’s shows and the show schedule, please contact the planetarium box office at 920-832-2848 or visit www.barlowplanetarium.org.

Posted 10/19/2006