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Student Awards & Scholarships

[This page is preserved for historical and reference purposes only.  The information contained on it may no longer be current.]

UW-Fox Valley Announces Student Awards and Scholarships

The University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley recently announced the names of incoming, continuing and departing students who received scholarships. A number of continuing and departing students were also recognized by various departments for their individual accomplishments at the Menasha campus.

Faculty members from each respective department presented the awards to the students, based on academics or service. Student award recipients were:

  • Art - Sarah Stanley, for academic excellence;
  • Biology - Katie Hemauer, for academic excellence;
  • Business and Economics - Melissa Van Dyke, for academic excellence;
  • Chemistry - David Klundt, Kristy Todryk, for academic excellence;
  • Communication and Theatre Arts - Jared Blohm, Benjamin Jordan, Wayman Wittman, for service;
  • English - Jennifer Anderson, for academic excellence;
  • Foreign Languages - Mary Beth Lipp, for academic excellence and service;
  • Geography and Geology - Traver Krieglstein and Jacinda Sell, for academic excellence and service.

Students selected by faculty for these departmental awards are honored by having their name and the current year inscribed on the respective department's plaque. The plaques are on permanent display in the Atrium on the campus, near the Student Union.

Scholarships were awarded in a number of categories, including for new students, continuing students, and departing students.

Incoming or new students receiving scholarships are listed, below, with the high school that the incoming student graduated from listed in parenthesis next to the student's name:

  • Sandy Alford (Appleton West), UW-Fox Valley Foundation and Northeastern Wisconsin Telecommunications Association scholarships;
  • Alyssa Archambault (Green Bay Southwest), Banta Foundation Scholarship;
  • Jeffrey Eggert (Xavier), Banta Foundation Scholarship;
  • Sarah Ernst (Appleton East), UW-Fox Valley Foundation Scholarship;
  • Angie Geiger (Hortonville), Howard and Alice Curler Academic Excellence Scholarship and UW-Fox Valley Scholarship;
  • Julia Heglund (Appleton West), Banta Foundation Scholarship;
  • Cynthia Hofkens (Kimberly), Howard and Alice Curler Academic Excellence Scholarship and the UW-Fox Valley Foundation Scholarship;
  • Sarah Krause (Neenah), Neenah Rotary Scholarship;
  • Lisa Larson (Appleton North), Banta Foundation;
  • Amy Meinen (Winnecone), Esther Kliefoth Stutzman Excellence Scholarship;
  • Rebecca Meyer (Menasha), UW-Fox Valley Foundation Scholarship;
  • Megan O'Bright (Appleton North), Banta Foundation Scholarship;
  • Deanna Pahl (Kaukauna), UW-Fox Valley Scholar and UW-Fox Valley Foundation Scholarships;
  • Amy Roehrborn (Kaukauna), Sara Ruth Krueger Memorial Scholarship;
  • Rhea Skrober Hortonville), Business Club Scholarship;
  • Jessica Thompson (Menasha), Banta Foundation Scholarship;
  • Kelly Varner (Appleton East), UW-Fox Valley Scholar and UW-Fox Valley Foundation Scholarships.
  • UWFox students receiving scholarships as continuing students include:
  • Jennifer Anderson, Follet College Store Scholarship;
  • Amy Ann Bertram, Non-Traditional Student / UW-Fox Valley Foundation Scholarship;
  • Peggy Bringman, King's Daughter Wisconsin Branch Scholarship;
  • Scott Carlson, Appleton Papers / Shirley B. Anders Creative Writing Scholarship;
  • Kristy Goff, Van Wyk Family Scholarship;
  • Caleb Gossens, Valitchka Family / UW-Fox Valley Foundation Scholarship;
  • Jennifer Hesse, Foreign Languages (French) / UW-Fox Valley Foundation Scholarship;
  • Tricia Kieffer, Valitchka Family Scholarship;
  • Nikhil Kumar, Marion Regan / William Guither Math and Natural Science Scholarship;
  • Sara Lux, Valitchka Family / UW-Fox Valley Foundation Scholarship;
  • James Menting, Appleton Downtown Rotary Non-Traditional Student Scholarship;
  • Tyler Menting, The Ken and Ruth Anderson Theatre Scholarship;
  • Linda Palmbach, Non-Traditional / UW-Fox Valley Foundation Scholarship;
  • DeAnne Priddis, John D. Silha Memorial Scholarship and the King's Daughter Infant Welfare Scholarship;
  • Matt Reetz, The Kopitzke Economic / Business Scholarship;
  • Sue Ries, Business and Professional Women Scholarship, Foreign Language (Spanish) / UW-Fox Valley Foundation Scholarships;
  • Bret Rooyakers, The Ken and Ruth Anderson Theatre Scholarship;
  • Eric Schauman, Margaret Bartlett Scholarship;
  • Cora Schroeder, Appleton Downtown Rotary Non-Traditional Student Scholarship;
  • Jacinda Sell, Appleton Papers Scholarship;
  • Heather Shriner, American Association of University Women Scholarship;
  • Paul Sommerfield, Follet College Stores Scholarship;
  • Robert Strelow, Excellence in Humanities / UW-Fox Valley Foundation Scholarship;
  • Scott VanEss, Non-Traditional Student / UW-Fox Valley Foundation Scholarship.

Scholarship recipients for departing students, with the school the student is attending Fall 2002 listed in parenthesis, include:

  • Mary Bolle (Franciscan University of Steubenville), Charles F. Klieforth Scholarship;
  • Atemnkena Fonken (UW Oshkosh), Health Sciences Scholarship;
  • Katie Hemauer (UW-Green Bay), UW-Green Bay Scholarship;
  • Mary Beth Lipp (UW Oshkosh), Chancellor's Scholarship Award;
  • Melinda Mielke (UW Oshkosh), Chancellor's Scholarship Award;
  • Angela Maloney (Lawrence University), Lawrence University Scholarship;
  • Alisia Miller (UW Oshkosh), Stanley Ostrand Memorial Scholarship;
  • Deborah Nett (UW-Green Bay), Stanley Ostrand Memorial Scholarship;
  • Sarah Stanley (UW-Madison), UW-Madison Alumni Club Scholarship;
  • Melissa Van Dyke (UW Oshkosh), Business Club Scholarship.

Posted on Fall 2002