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1999 - 2000 Exhibit Schedule


September 13 to October 22, 1999
Painting / Drawing and Computer Images

Tom Fleming is Associate Professor of Art at UW-Marathon County. He is internationally recognized for his work with glass and sculpture. His work is in the collection of museums in the U.S. and Europe. Fleming is co-founder of the SoHo Studio Center in New York and he recently judged the first Internet Art Prize in Rome. Currently is work uses recycled aero-graphic glass plates, etched, sandblasted and painted which are presented in a grid that can be redefined by the viewer, at least theoretically. It references digital imaging and addresses the inherent mutable nature of pixel-based information.


November 5 to December 2, 1999
Quilt Series

Leslee Nelson is Professor of Art in the department of Art and Liberal Studies and the Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her quilts are primarily made from fabric, but include painted fabric, her children's old clothes, fabric from other countries, doll clothes scrap fabric, and her husband's grandmother's unfinished quilt blocks to name a few sources. Leslee became fascinated with the concept of linking the work of the past with the processes of today. The transformation of the common, the familiar, the ordinary into a representation of theself, with complex relationships, history, culture, individual experience, family and personality.


December 17 to January 21, 1999-2000                         

The UWFox fall semester student exhibit includes work created from participation in the university visual arts classes. It includes work from the areas of sculpture, drawing and design. The show is intended to give both freshman and sophomore art majors and non-majors enrolled in art courses the experience of showing in a public format.

GROUP 2000

February 11 to March 10, 2000

The Group 2000 exhibit is a celebration of the doldrums of February in Wisconsin as well as the new millennium. The show is purposely intended to be a "no stress" opportunity for a group of artists to exhibit work in comparison to the normal preparation for an exhibit. New or old work may be included and will offer a wide variety of mediums including sculpture, fabric, paper, painting, ceramics and drawing.


March 24 to April 28, 2000

Frank Zetzman is Associate Professor of Art at UWFox. Frank holds a MFA degree in sculpture from UW-Madision. His work ranges in medium from ceramics, wood, carved styrafoam ceiling installation, to found objects. Many times he includes drawings that are both works in themselves as well as preparatory to the sculptural work. Frank's images are equally diverse as the materials used to create them. Ranging from satirical, humorous, seriously thought provoking, scientific, refined and controversial.


May 12 to June 12, 2000

The UWFox spring semester exhibit mimics the fall student exhibit reflecting work created by students enrolled in the courses offered by the UWFox art department. The show includes work from the painting, drawing and ceramic disciplines.

Posted on 9/13/1999