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UWFox Celebrates Its 75th Anniversary with ‘Re-University Day’ on Sept. 6

[This page is preserved for historical and reference purposes only.  The information contained on it may no longer be current.]

For 75 years, the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley has been the UW System campus within the Fox Cities. Beginning in 1933, the campus had its roots in a wing of Menasha HS, where four college courses were offered. During the mid-to-late 1950’s, the campus re-located its facilities from MHS to the former Jensen Clinic building in Menasha and expanded its course offerings. In 1960, UWFox opened its doors at its present Menasha location on Midway Road in Menasha. On September 6, the campus is celebrating its diamond anniversary with a myriad of afternoon sessions from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and evening activities from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. for its “Re-University Day.”

Gina Larsen, University Relations specialist at UWFox, said, “We’ve put together a wonderful program in the afternoon that offers free entertainment and information to an age range of 5 to 105.  UWFox faculty members and alumni will be personally conducting these learning and discussion sessions. We’ve also planned a spectacular event for the evening, including a catered dinner, campus quiz show, dancing with music by the Big Band Reunion.”

Larsen provided an outline of the campus’ afternoon sessions, including:

Candy Chemistry
Come and learn how the coating of M&Ms is a myriad of blended colors that can be separated through the wonderful world of chemistry. Taught by Dr. Martin Rudd, associate professor of chemistry and associate dean at UWFox, this session is ideal for ages 5-8 accompanied by an adult and ages 9-14.

Children’s Book n’ Paint
Children will have the chance to escape with some of their favorite storybook characters by such authors as Eric Carle, Don Freeman and Frank Ash. After the stories, families and friends will be given the opportunity to explore their creative side with paint and paper. A great time for the whole family, this session is hosted by Wendy Eagon, director of the University Children’s Center and Center staff and is ideal for children age 5-8, accompanied by an adult.

Science Fiction as Literature
The early works of American science fiction were westerns in a different setting, frontier myths that played out our national anxieties. Cold War science fiction showed our world ending in fire or in mob rule. Now we've got "Hancock," "Spider-Man,” "28 Days Later" and "The Time Traveler's Wife." What does this contemporary science fiction tell us about ourselves as Americans in the early part of the 21st century? Is Barack Obama right when he says that space travel no longer inspires us? What story about our present selves are we telling? In a wide-ranging discussion, assistant professor of English Bill Gillard looks at the past, present, and future of science fiction in print, TV, and films and is ideal for an audience ages 14+.

Theatrical Improv
Do you want to be a star? Well here's your chance! Come and share some laughs with us. If you like "Whose Line is it Anyway?," here's your opportunity to see if you can think on your feet. This fast paced class will play theatre and team building games and improvisations led by UWFox associate professor of communication and theatre arts Susan Rabideau and is ideal for an audience ages 14+ .

Putting Polls in Their Place
Focus on various dimensions of public opinion that citizens should consider when interpreting public opinion poll information. The group will discuss important questions that must be asked when evaluating the reliability and validity of public opinion polls. Discover that many polls are unreliable and invalid while others are accurate and useful for predicting election outcomes and reflecting public views. How to tell the difference is the key! This session is ideal for: Audience ages 14+.

Fun Fitness
UWFox associate professor of physical education and the Cyclones’ athletic director, Pam Massey, has created various fitness stations designed to get you moving and improve your fitness level.  An ideal session for all ages.

Earth Science Rocks!
Get to the core of the fun and learn to identify minerals like a real geologist. Each participant will take home a special surprise! Taught by the museum educators of the Weis Earth Science Museum, Wisconsin’s official mineralogical museum, this session is ideal for ages 5-8, and must be accompanied by an adult.

Compost Co-Dependency
The ultimate recycling takes place in a compost bin. Animals and plants depend on each other in many ways, and this session will look at the life within compost. What makes compost “work?” The hands-on activities include examining compost and making a mini-compost bin to take home. This session is ideal for ages 5-8 with an adult accompanying.

My How We’ve Changed: Menasha Hometown History
From a musty milltown to an amazing marina. From a cow pasture to a UW campus. Community historian and elected official Nancy Barker will entertain and educate listeners as she weaves the history of Menasha together with it personalities and politics. Barker is a regular speaker in schools, adult learning groups and the media on local lore. She is a retired city employee, a former 10-year City of Menasha alderwoman, a member of the Winnebago County Board and a UWFox Trustee. This session is ideal for all ages.

The Back Nine: Golf & Your Spine
Career physical therapist, passionate golfer, golf instructor and UWFox alum Brian Borchardt will give his well-respected and fun wellness seminar on golfing, spine care and joint protection. Topics include proper body mechanics and injury risk reduction for a safe – and effective – golf swing. Borchardt’s session is ideal for an audience ages 14+.

See a Star Show at the Barlow
Get a taste of all the Barlow Planetarium has to offer in this unique Re-University Day planetarium show. Cutting edge astronomy, music, video projection, automation systems and laser effects combine for an ideal “edu-tainment” experience for the entire family. The Barlow Planetarium is located on the UWFox campus, and is a world-class facility for 3-D excitement, giant full-color special effects and crystal-clear, five-channel, 10,000 watt THX surround sound. There is no charge for RU Day participants and is ideal for all ages.

Campus Tours
How could you some to campus and not take in a tour? Alumni and friends will marvel at the additions and upgrades, and parents and potential students will ponder the possibilities of an exceptional and affordable UWFox college education. Our student ambassadors are specially trained to explain points of interest and answer all of your questions. The tours are ideal for an audience ages 14+.

Take a Cake Walk
We DID say it’s our 75th birthday at UWFox, and that means cake! Come compete in an old fashioned cake walk and try for a taste of gourmet cupcakes from Cake Anatomy in Kaukauna.

The Cake Walk is ideal for all ages.

Instrument Petting Zoo
At an instrument petting zoo, students—including adults who are interested—can hear instruments, hold instruments, and experiment with making a sound on them. Just holding a musical instrument answers questions for some students. How big is it? How heavy is it? Where do your hands go when you play it? Take time to learn, and then listen as small ensembles serenade attendees with a tune or two in a session that’s ideal for all ages.

Art Talk and Gallery Walk
Franklin Kemery Zetzman, professor of art at UWFox since 1988, will give a talk on his sculpture creations titled, “Works from the Merc.” The body of work features recent ceramic sculptures whose imagery evolves from the natural world – bones, teeth, turtle shells and beyond. Zetzman uses this subject matter as a vehicle for abstraction and a manner with which to explore form. The art talk will take place in the Aaron Bohrod Gallery on campus and participants will have an opportunity to view several pieces from the campus’ permanent collection and a UWFox history exhibit. A session that’s ideal for an audience ages 14+.

“We’re hoping that UWFox friends and alums, as well as former faculty and staff members, will be able to join us for ‘Re-University Day.’ This event is unique in the history of the campus and has been a year in the making. UWFox has always had strong ties to the Fox Cities community. Thousands of students have attended the campus during the past 75 years, and many alums have gone on to become highly successful in their professional careers and their personal lives,” Larsen said.

“We’re very proud of the campus’ role in the community, and this is our way of saying, ‘Thank you’ to everyone who’s supported us over the years,” she summarized.

For more information about the UWFox “Re-University Day,” please contact Larsen at gina.larsen@uwc.edu. To obtain information or to buy tickets for the evening dinner and dance, call 832-2610 or visit http://www.uwfox.uwc.edu/conted/ and click on “online registration.

Posted 09/05/2008