Transcription of Meet Russ Clayton Video.

Russ Clayton: I spent 35 years, actually 30 years in the oil and gas industry. I spent 8 years living in Europe and Africa and traveling throughout Asia, central Asia. I saw so much need in the countries that I traveled to I thought that perhaps I could fill some of those needs and I determined that I wanted to be a doctor. So about two years ago I stopped working and started getting the prerequisites that I didn’t have in my original degrees so that I could apply for medical school. The fortunate portion about UW-Fox is that they offer organic chemistry here, which is a third year course in almost every school and it was one of the programs that I was able to complete so I was able to do it here.

Martin Rudd: It demands a lot of the students to come in and work in the lab. They have to be dedicated. They know that things won’t always go right., but they also know that learning how to carry out a research project is a valuable experience.

Russ Clayton: The labs here are second to none that I’ve seen in any of the schools that I’ve looked at so it was a fabulous program and the level of teaching is exceptional here. To have the opportunity to do independent research with the lab farcicalities here is a unique opportunity. I don’t think that I could have had the same opportunity with the same amount of resources and support of the one-on-one that I have with doctor Rudd. And now, the support that he’s given me, it’s kind of a shared interest because one of his specialties is in organo-metallic synthesis. There are real applications for some of these compounds in the medical field as well for chemo-therapy and certain fields of research there as well.

Martin Rudd: Some of the goals are of course to create a body of work that has not been done before, for the students to find out how to keep a research notebook, how to research methods of work that they do in the lab, and then to disseminate that, and we’ve been fortunate enough over the last two or three years to disseminate the work at the UW System Poster’s in the Rotunda Event.

Russ Clayton: You know, I’ve very thankful for the background that I was able to receive in the last two years.