Transcription of UWFox Students at Polar Plunge 2010 Video.

What did ya’ll have to go to set this up?
Umm, really it was super easy, just put in a call down to the special Olympics, Nikki Sprangers is who’s organizing it in Oshkosh and she made it really easy, gave us posters, things to put out, sent out an email to people, sat in the hallway, got people interested and we have a huge group, a lot of people came out interested in doing it, so we had a ton of support on campus, we raised a ton of money for the special Olympics

Would you normally die your hair red and shave it into a Mohawk?
Depending on the activity night, yeah.
So, I’ve noticed there’s quite a few colorful folks out here today, have you noticed maybe bringing out a little creativity in people, jumping out into the cold water?
Creativity is everything in the event, brings out the personality of a person
So are we going to a special kind of rock and roll jump today?
We might be doing something like that, we’re just going to get silly, you know we’ve got these silly costumes here, and we coming to be silly with this jump, getting the money for the special Olympics. Getting silly.

UW Fox Valley thank you so much for coming out, it looks like we’ve got a great crew here today. Alright, UW Fox Valley, let’s get you guys in: In 3-2-1… (screaming) Oh! Am I the only one that felt that?

Well, my wife and I jumped together, and  as soon as we hit the water I couldn’t feel her anymore, and we got to the edge and the guy went to grab me to pull me up and left her in the water!

It was a good time, it was a good time. It was definitely worth it. When I was about to jump in, you know, I was a little apprehensive, but I think it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

We don’t know what the award is directly yet, but I won something, and they made me take a picture and they’re going to post it on there website.

It was cold. If we could raise as much money as we did this year, next year and all the years after I’d do it forever.
It was definitely a good time, I’m going to definitely do it again.
I’m doing it next year for sure.
It was worth it, I’d pay $25 to do it again.
Yeah, it looked like a lot of fun.
It WAS fun.