Transcription of Matt Braun Video.

Matt: I love art and so I’d like to share my passion with other people. That’s what appeals to me about art—education.

Without people who actually care and kind of get you excited… If I were to walk into an art class and someone was like ok you’re going to draw this… that’s, you know…, but it there’s someone who’s excited, and they’re excited with you and what you’re doing and works with you and kind of pushes you in your work I think that that really helps to have somebody to get you excited about art.

The process, I think, is sometimes just as important as the art.

I started out doing a portrait a day, for my series this past semester, so I would do one portrait seven days a week where it was just kind of overwhelming and I started out doing realistic portraits and kind of wanted to eventually move past the image and try to find, try to capture something.

And so I kind of started doing these rough surfaces where I would glue newspaper and magazines and I’d rip up old portraits that I didn’t like, and glue those on, to kind of …this art out of art kind of idea.

Kind of a new idea from a portrait. And then I would do these portraits with just layers of paint and ink and kante charcoal, pastel, to kind of develop these portraits but the more you work on them, because the surface was so difficult to work on, a lot of them aren’t like your typical self portrait, where if you look and it and say well oh that’s you. You look at these and you can tell that it’s a figure, but not specifically me. It’s kind of almost shadow-image.

I kind of wanted them to look trashy and almost like something that you’d see blowing around a dumpster, but then you see the development.

I’m always striving to do new things and I think that’s something I’m always going to try to do.