Transcription of FastTrack-Ge Lee Video.

First off I went to Hurston College down in Madison, which didn’t really work out for me. Came back up here, decided what I want to do with my life, and then decided to go here cause, it was, you know, tuition’s cheap, close to home. Right now I’m currently married. Been married for three years. I have one son, he’s 11 months old, best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m going to school full time, 17 credits, and working part time, kind of like the fast-track that way I learn everything at once. I come here every Tuesday night from 6-9PM. It’s actually a 5 week course, with lab integrated in there so, um, first two hours would be lecture, the last hour we usually do lab and then a quiz. It’s really different, um… Everything moves by so so fast. I’m not so used to every quiz every class time we meet. Usually I’m used to like every two weeks and then the professor, she gives us a quiz. Other than that the regular credits seem to move by a lot slower, whereas the fast track the professor tries to cram everything into one class period and goes through like 3 chapters a day compared to a regular class where it’s only like half a chapter a day. Right now I’m currently majoring in criminal justice. I want to work with the police department, not as a police officer, but maybe that’d be my second choice if that doesn’t work out. Um.. I’ll raise a big family, I guess.