Transcription of Radio Exhibit Honors Collector Clyde Stephenson Video.

Clyde: You know there are people, who do radios as a hobby, but most of them who I have seen just buy and sell them, they are not really collectors. I don’t think there are too many that actually took them apart and made them work.

Clyde: I stopped in Marinette, and a guy had some old radios, the guy had a big old house and he had several old radios up there, and I spotted this one radio, and I knew it was a high quality radio; it was a Philco 20 tube radio. He wanted about $100 for it or something like that. That day I was just by myself, so he and I carried it downstairs, it was a big old radio and I had to put it in the trunk of my car. Well half of it stuck out of the trunk.

Clyde: Anybody that is going into engineering, especially electronics, this is basically the bottom of the line as far as you can go and I would think they would be interested in that. Just like particularly in automobiles, look at the older the car, people just grab those things and I would think in a radio if you are interested in electronics it fits right in.