Transcription of FastTrack-Carly Weborg Video.

I’m a full time student at UW-Fox. I work for Midwest Annuls , a regional coordinator here in Appleton. I am also a full time mom, and I also work part time as a waitress. My dream job would be to teach second grade. Tammy Brunette recommended that I try some of the fast track programs being so busy and trying to work school into my regular life. It’s just so easy; it just works into your daily life. Being in school only 1 night a week and being able to do the homework and things like that when it works for you schedule, it’s invaluable. I think that life at UWFox is awesome, I love coming to school. The people here are extremely helpful. I love my professors. The people in student services are so helpful. The counselors: Tammy Ladwig has been amazing. Just people being able to direct you to where you’re trying to go because else I didn’t know, and then being able to kind of give you a path and let you know that you’re on the right track has just been amazing. I think that for everyone that thinks they have too much going on, and they can’t fit school in, you know, I would recommend that they just try it, you know? Just give it a shot and try, because, honestly, I think life is too short to walk away with all these regrets: I wish I would’ve went to college, and I wish I would’ve done these things. I think the fast track makes it so possible to actually make it happen.