Transcription of Career Makeover Video.

Paul: Well, welcome back. In these questionable economic times we here at WFRV have teamed up with UW-Fox to offer one lucky viewer a chance at winning a career makeover. Yes you heard me right. Assistant campus dean of Student Services Carla Rabe joins me this morning to talk more about this exciting new partnership. And Carla this really is exciting. When you folks at UW-Fox approached us about this partnership of course it was a no brainer. This is a win-win for some lucky viewer out there, but what kind of prompted you to approach us. What have you been seeing because of the economy at the university level?

Carla: Well Paul you’re absolutely right. This is a no-brainer, win-win situation for us. We have a number of students who come in because of the state of the economy right now that are looking for any way to help them financially. So, we took a look at all these opportunities and we said this is something we have to do. And that’s when we contacted WFRV and asked is there a way we can partner to make this happen for our students. Can we do something to help them through some of these tough times?

Paul: Of course our response was a big yes! We’re happy about the partnership, but let’s…before we get into some of the contest details and how folks enter and that type of thing. What sort of candidates are you looking for in the first place? What kind of individuals do we want to apply for this particular contest?

Carla: Well this is pretty open-ended. We’re looking for students that are just ready to graduate. We’re also looking for those people that are looking for a new career, and also those people who are really wanting to fulfill that life-long dream of getting an education

Paul: Alright, let’s talk a little about what one lucky winner is going to win with this career makeover Carla.

Carla: Absolutely. The winner will receive one full tuition for a full-time student in the fall semester. They’re also going to receive two hundred dollars toward the bookstore which is something that is going to be sponsored by our student association. And they’ll receive all the start up fees including admissions and the new students fees and we’ll also be offering them some special career counseling as well as academic counseling.

Paul: Alright. Fantastic, now we are going to wipe the chalkboard clean, I think, and bring up some details on what you need to do in order to be considered. So let’s talk a little bit about how folks enter.

Carla: Well one of the things that we will be asking people to do is to go on the either the WFRV website or the UW-Fox website, fill out the application and at the bottom of the application will be an essay that we’ll be asking people to tell us about why would this makeover do something great for your career. We’re asking that for about five hundred words or less.

Paul: Alright, and they have how long to apply for this?

Carla: We will be running this contest all the way through June first.

Paul: Alright, so you have until June first to get that information in on either website.  And again on June ninth we’re going to have an exciting day as well.

Carla: Absolutely, we’ll be right back with WFRV TV and we’ll be announcing our winner. On behalf of UW-Fox we want to really thank Channel 5 for this great opportunity as we try to assist those in the community through this economic hard time.

Paul: Well certainly our pleasure of course Carla to partner with you in this great venture, and we’re looking forward to awarding one very lucky winner out there a great prize package. So thanks to UW-Fox as well.

Carla: Thank you Paul.