Transcription of Career Makeover Video.

Tammy: This past spring, Channel 5 and UW-Fox Valley gave one deserving student a career makeover. This was part of a special Wisconsin works through the recession project.

Tom: And that students name is who Linda Sharp is now in the middle of her first semester back in college. So, how are things going for this new student?  Channel 5’s Kirk Parker brings us an update.

Linda: I have three kids so I’m just juggling school and family and work.

Kirk: Linda Sharp had a full plate before classes began this fall now she’s gone into overdrive.  She just began her four year path towards a nursing degree.  Linda is currently taking four classes Math, English, Psychology, and Public Speaking.  Linda is forty-one years old and nowadays it might not be to uncommon to find people of her age around any college campus, she said she finally overcame life’s obstacles to make it back to school.

Linda: Theses always a way around them and you, just, you can do it, those obstacles you can get around those obstacles.

Kirk: Linda had many of those after high school as she wrote in part of her essay, “I want a better life for my family, instead of us going back to the local pantry because we were having a rough month I would like to be donating food to the pantry.

Linda: It’s her first time back to a classroom setting since she began a family right out of high school.  Linda commutes back and forth to Menasha from Green Bay also working around her schedule as a hospice aid with Aurora Healthcare.  She chose to peruse nursing in 1993, her kids began school full time and Linda archived a nursing assistant certification.

Carla: We have a variety of different formats for students to take classes that usually meet most of their needs; we also work very hard to look at any of their barriers and try to come up with a unique way to help those students further their education.

Kirk: Linda adds, she is meeting other people her age and there are no barriers between her and the younger students.  Kirk Parker Channel 5 news, Menasha.

Tom: Linda will spend two years at UW-Fox Valley then transfer to UW-Oshkosh to finish her nursing degree.