Transcription of The Vagina Monologues Return to UWFox Video.

Susan Rabideau:

For our artistic production we have a whole different group of women that come with much different skill sets than previous casts so each woman brings something new to the table.

Of the 21 women that are in the production about 5 of them have been in previous productions. Either ours or other in the valley. Two of the women are cast in the same roles. Laurie Fanin is back as the angry vagina and Cindy Youngworth is back in the peace hair.

So you'll see hundreds and hundreds of productions all over the United States and the world and every one is a little bit different. Many people are just doing Reader's Theatre. We will do a fully mounted, memorized production.

The valentine's Day tie-in has to do with reclaiming that "V" word and that many of the times when it was first done 11 years ago they couldn't say vagina and they could say "V-Day" on Valentine's Day and so it was just a tie-in that is still stuck.

Vagina Monologues runs at UW Fox Theatre February 12th, 13th, and 14th. Curtain is at 7:30. Tickets are available ranging from 5 to 10 dollars. All proceeds go to our four different benefactors and the box office number is 832-2646.

Benefactors are the Sexual Assault Crisis Center and then Reach Counseling center. We have a girl that we're sponsoring from an AIDS speaker that we have who is being repeatedly raped in her home and we're helping sending her to boarding school so we're very excited about her. And then the national spotlight is what's going on in the Congo in the strategic rape as a method of war there.