Transcription of Joseph Preview Video.

Joseph is based on the story of Genesis, which is a bible story about Joseph and his 11 brothers. Joseph is the favorite son and his father buys him this amazing Technicolor dream coat that his brothers are jealous of. They sell him and it’s about the whole journey of trials of how to get Joseph home and everything he learns on the way.

We have about 45 little kids. We have about 50 adults in the show, plus a pit orchestra.

We have a lot of community people involved in the show. Jim Romenesko, who is the director of Xavier theatre, is in the show, as well as Mikey Weise who teaches in Kiel, and Luke Zaccaro is playing Joseph. He is the choir director at Kimberly High School.

I’ve tried very hard to make this Joseph unlike anything you’ve ever seen, added our own little shticks to scenes. We have probably about 30 musical theater references from Oklahoma to Mama Mia within the show. I think the audience is going to have a lot of fun watching this newer, updated version.