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Student Employment

Working on campus provides a way to concentrate on your studies while earning money to pay for your educational expenses. If you are employed on campus, your employing department will work with you to accommodate your class schedule, providing you with the flexibility needed to be a successful college student. Some campus jobs may be able to provide work experience related to your intended career field.

There are two types of student employment and each has its own application process. In order to determine which type you may be eligible for, you’ll need to apply for financial aid. If you are eligible for work-study, this will be indicated on your award letter.

  • Federal Work-Study
    • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
    • Accept Work Study on Award Letter
    • Complete the Student Employment Application Form and return to Business Office
    • Contact campus department
    • Meet with Student Affairs representative for authorization
  • Regular Student Employment

Your application will be available for review by all campus departments employing students. You can also directly contact the department or departments where you are interested in working (see contact information below).

Hours Worked

Generally students work 5- 20 hours per week. The number of hours will vary according to the department’s needs and the student’s availability.

Hourly Wage

  • First year students = $8.75 per hour
  • Students who continue beyond first year = $9.25 per hour

Campus Department Job Posting

This chart indicates the campus departments that have student employment opportunities.

Some departments require a student employee to be work study eligible.  If so, this is indicated with Yes in the Work Study column.

Departments that list No in the Work Study column do not require Work Study eligible students. A work study eligible student may apply for or hold these jobs, but it is not a requirement and any student may apply for these positions.

Departments listing Preferred in the Work Study column, would like to employ a Work Study eligible student if available, but any student may apply for these positions.

Department Contact E-mail Phone Office Opening Work study?
Anthropology Gregg Jamison gregg.jamison@uwc.edu 832-2699 1333 Yes Yes
Art Judith Waller judith.waller 832-2602 1631 No Yes
Athletics Lee Rabas lee.rabas 832-2806 1805 No Preferred
Barlow Planetarium Alan Peche alan.peche 832-2852 Planetarium Yes Preferred
Biology Teresa Weglarz teresa.weglarz 832-0136 1035 Yes Yes
Box Office Susan Rabideau susan.rabideau 832-2857 1916 No Preferred
Building and Grounds Dave Staerkel david.staerkel 832-2605 1405 Yes Yes
Business & Economics Tutor Jill Halverson jill.halverson 832-2694 2822 Yes Preferred
Business Services Steve Bloedow steven.bloedow 832-2613 Business Services No Yes
Campus Bookstore Vic LeClair foxbooks 832-2665 Student Union No No
Campus Services Martha Hoff martha.hoff 832-2641 1108 No Yes
Chemistry Rose Marie Lewis rosemarie.lewis 832-2654 1075 No Preferred
Children's Center Wendy Eagon wendy.eagon 832-2606 Children's Center Yes Preferred
Campus IT Helpdesk Evelyn Li evelyn.li 832-2884 1844 No Yes
Dean's Office Juli McGuire juli.mcguire 832-2610 Dean's Office No Yes
CE Office Front Desk & General Clerical Christina Zitka christina.zitka 832-2636 Continuing Education Office 1714 No Yes
Student Affairs Front desk & General Clerical Tina Koch tina.koch 325-7208 Student Affairs Yes Yes
Geography/ Geology Beth Johnson beth.a.johnson 832-2659 1043 No Yes
Hospitality Juli McGuire juli.mcguire 832-2610 Dean's Office No Yes
Lab Sciences Rose Marie Lewis rosemarie.lewis 832-2654 1075 No Yes
Technology Training Assistant Evelyn Li evelyn.li 832-2884 1831 No No
The Learning Center Kathy Gilmore kathy.gilmore 832-2660 Student Affairs No No
Library Ane Carriveau ane.carriveau 832-2675 1253 no Yes
Mathematics Alexander
alexander.lavrentiev 832-2819 2839 No Yes
Museum Gift Shop Joanne Kluessendorf joanne.kluessendorf 832-0125 Weis Museum No Preferred
Physical Education Pam Massey pam.massey 832-2643 1908 No Preferred
Student Photographer Evelyn Li evelyn.li 832-2884 1844 No Yes
Physics John Beaver john.beaver 832-2667 1073 No Yes
Placement Testing Proctor Brenda Rickert brenda.rickert 832-2620 Student Affairs Yes Yes
Student Activities Jeff Kuepper jeff.kuepper 832-2671 1153 Yes Preferred
Student IT Position Evelyn Li evelyn.li 832-2884 1831 No No
Tutors Kathy Gilmore kathy.gilmore 832-2670 Student Affairs No No
Marketing Meagan Hardwick meagan.hardwick 832-2624 Student Affairs No Yes
Web Assistant Evelyn Li evelyn.li 832-2884 1844 Yes No
Writing Pad Christina Cavaco christina.cavaco 832-0137 1315 No Preferred

Lab Sciences

We especially need someone to help A.M.s. Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Thursday to help in our lab prep room.

  • Work the hours YOU want!
  • Work with dedicated staff!
  • No experience necessary!

Contact our Lab Prep Technician for more information: Rose Marie Lewis at rosemarie.lewis@uwc.edu or 920.832.2654


Public service positions, for people who enjoy helping others. Library Student Assistants are fully responsible for the library in the absence of core staff. Primary responsibilities include: customer service, shelving materials, vacuuming, straightening chairs and cleaning tables, processing materials and securing the building at closing time. Computer skills and attention to detail are important. All student assistants are responsible for one regularly scheduled evening shift each week. Limited hours are available during the day. Must have work study. Contact Ane Carriveau at ane.carriveau@uwc.edu.

Museum Gift Shop

General Description

Museum gift shop staff. Handle retail transactions and deposits, provide customer service, stock and maintain merchandise, conduct inventories, and maintain gift shop appearance and cleanliness.

5-20 hours/week; flexible schedule

  • Work experience in retail or customer service position preferred, but not required
  • Friendly personality and desire to provide good customer service
  • Federal Work Study preferred, but not required

Gift Shop staff provides important interface between the museum/ planetarium and the public. Good “people skills” are essential. Staff must be able to operate a standard non-computerized cash register at a standing cash station, lift up to 30 lbs., and climb a 5-foot ladder. Staff members receive a 15% discount on gift shop purchases.

Student Affairs

Want to work in a fun and fast-paced environment? If you enjoy working and meeting people, then Student Arrairs is the place for you. Hours are flexible. Opportunity to work 5-10 hours per week.