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Nikole McMyler

Nikole McMyler

"UWFox is a tight-knit campus – in a positive way. Everyone is open and we all have similar goals."

Age:  18

Hometown: Menasha

Current residence:  Appleton

When attended UWFox: Spring, 2008 to Summer 2010

Background before UWFox:

Graduated from Menasha High School in January 2008. While in high school, worked as a banquet server, waitress and in retail.

Why did you choose UWFox?

I graduated early from high school and originally wanted to attend UW Oshkosh, but found that it is a little hard to transfer in the middle of the academic year and miss all of the new student orientation. I didn’t’ want to live in a dorm while I was attending college. My high school advisor suggested UWFox to get some college credits…I came to UWFox and haven’t left – I love it here too much!

Have you chosen a major?

I’m currently majoring in Finance.  I love numbers and math, and really enjoy helping people.

What are you learning that you find interesting and rewarding?

I was impressed that one of my professors remembered my name on the very first day of class.  I heard that this doesn’t happen at the collegiate level. UWFox is a tight-knit campus – in a positive way.  Everyone is open and we all have similar goals.  This isn’t a big party school.  Basically I just fell in love with the environment here.

What I find rewarding is all the opportunities that you can have at UWFox.  This is not a big campus where you have to fight 200 people to start a club or hundreds more to take a class. You can be your own person and be independent at UWFox.  You don’t have to conform to the ‘freshman template’.”

I’m also learning how to deal with a very diverse population.  At UWFox  you have to interact with people that are younger, older, have different backgrounds, are more mature than you, or smarter than you.  You really figure out how to act in different situations.

What are your career plans after graduation from UW Fox?

I’ll graduate from UWFox in Spring 2010 and then transfer to UW-Madison, majoring in Finance and eventually going on to earn my M.B.A.

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