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Michael Ciha

Michael Ciha

“UWFox’s small campus size is a very encouraging learning environment. It is easy to contact my instructors and seek their help if it’s needed.”

Age: 19

Hometown:Kaukauna, WI

Current residence: Darboy (Appleton), WI

When attended UWFox: Fall 2009-Spring 2011

Background before UWFox:

I attended Kimberly High School and graduated in Spring 2009. Since Fall 2007 I’ve worked as an electronics employee at the Shopko store in Kimberly. At Shopko I make sure that our electronics section is stocked and is running smoothly. I also help those who have any questions about the electronic items that they are purchasing.

Why did you choose UWFox?

I chose UWFox because it was a great choice for me to begin my college career. At UWFox I have the advantages of being able to stay at home, take the classes I need at a fair price, and still be able to keep my job and save the funds I need to continue my college career. UWFox’s small campus size is a very encouraging learning environment. It is easy to contact my instructors and seek their help if it’s needed.  

Have you chosen a major?

I’ve chosen Chemical Engineering as my major.  I enjoy my chemistry classes and feel this is a good fit for what I could both be good at and enjoy.

What are you learning that you find interesting and rewarding at UWFox?

At UWFox I’ve learned more about different people and their backgrounds. UWFox is convenient for many types of students, both traditional age and adult non-traditional. With this diversity I feel that I’m able to understand others better and see different viewpoints and perspectives on things that I didn't think of before. I’ve also joined the campus’ Foxbytes club. This is UWFox’s computer club and through it I’ve learned more about how to use and repair computers and other electronics as well as make new friends in the process.

What are your career plans after UWFox?

After UWFox I plan to attend UW-Madison to finish my education. With the strong educational base UWFox has provided me, I believe I’ll be able to succeed in the upper level classes that I’ll be taking during my junior and senior years at UW-Madison.

Other interesting things you’d like to share?

I have an identical twin brother named Doug, who is attending UWFox as well. We share similar educational goals. It’s always been fun to have a brother my own age to share my interests with and maybe have a little fun with when others confuse us for the other. Also I’m currently tutoring Math at UWFox for students who would like some extra help with their studies. It’s a great job to have because it allows me to continue to use the skills I have learned and help other students succeed at UWFox.


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