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Megan Kamholz

Carol Letter

“Financially, UWFox was the right choice since I still wasn’t exactly sure of my academic major when I was applying for college.”

Age: 19

Hometown: New London, WI

Current residence: New London, WI

When attended UWFox: Fall 2011-present

Background before UWFox:

I graduated from New London Senior HS in 2011. When I was a sophomore, I was employed at the McDonald’s in New London. However, after a year of working there I decided to change jobs and worked at Festival Foods in New London.  I’ve worked at Festival Foods for almost three years now. I started as a cashier up front, and later was transferred to the store’s liquor department, which is where I’m working today. I also have a few baby-sitting jobs. One of the baby-sitting jobs is more of a care-taking responsibility for a neighbor who has Cerebral Palsy, which has inspired me to a future with helping special needs children.

Why did you choose UW Fox?

Financially, UWFox was the right choice since I still wasn’t exactly sure of my academic major when I was applying for college. UWFox is about twenty-five miles from my home, so I was able to save money and work by attending college here.

Have you chosen a major?


What are you learning that you find interesting and rewarding at UWFox?

I love the small class sizes at UWFox! Most of the professors know you by first and last name within a week of the first class, which is helpful because I know that I can approach them with any help regarding the class. There are also many activities that involve the students in things that maybe we wouldn’t have cared for previously.

What are your career plans after UW Fox?

I plan on transferring to UW Oshkosh for the Fall 2013 semester. From there I would like to go on to earn my Master’s Degree in Psychology. Although I’m not exactly sure what I would like to do for a career, I know I want to work with children. I am considering a career as a counselor, rehabilitation therapist, or something of that nature.

Other interesting things about yourself that you’d like to share?

As a high school sophomore, I learned how to play tennis and was moved up to the varsity level for my junior and senior years. I won a few tennis tournaments with my doubles partner and I found that it was a very rewarding sport for me. I became more self-confident by playing tennis because I had such a natural ability. I’m also an Ambassador at UWFox and am enjoying every minute of it. Being an Ambassador is a great experience that I am very thankful to be a part of.

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