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Katie Meulemans

Katie Meulemans

“I’ve become more enthusiastic and engaged in my education, and encourage my friends to do the same. I’ve joined the campus marketing group, and have two campus jobs. UWFox is fantastic!!”

Age: 21

Hometown: Appleton, WI

Current residence: Appleton, WI

When attended UWFox: Fall 2010 - Present

Background before UWFox

I went to high school at Appleton West, graduating 2008.  After graduation I attended the Minneapolis College of Art and Design to study Graphic Design and Advertising.  While at MCAD I realized that I didn’t share the same attitude as my classmates. I knew I couldn’t afford the college tuition there and I also knew that being an artist is not about having an art degree; it’s about having a passion for creativity, community, and philosophy.  

I left MCAD and entered the workforce at PLEXUS, building circuit boards on an assembly line. As an artist I found ways to make the best of the overtime hours and fluorescent lights: I became solder-certified and began making projects at home with LED lights. I worked at PLEXUS much longer than I had expected, but I made memorable friendships that helped me engage into the new inviting atmosphere at UWFox.

Why did you choose UWFox?

I chose UWFox because it was a close to home and an affordable way to get an excellent education for my future. I wanted to attend a campus that valued math and science as well as the fine arts. I want to get a bachelor’s degree, and UWFox is the perfect start for anyone who is interested in many fields of study.

Have you chosen a major?

I’m currently undecided about a major…however I’m considering graphic design and advertising/marketing.

What are you learning that you find interesting and rewarding at UWFox?

At UWFox I have taken so many classes that I fell in love with. My writing class enabled me to meet my best friend on campus who surprisingly has a completely different political belief system than I do! My other favorite classes include the Media and Politics combination class taught by [UWFox faculty members] George and Judith Waller, and Introduction to Philosophy with Daniel Putman [recently retired faculty member].  I’m learning how to be a better person through my experience at UWFox. I’ve become more enthusiastic and engaged in my education, and encourage my friends to do the same. I’ve joined the campus marketing group, and have two campus jobs. UWFox is fantastic!!

What are your career plans after UWFox?

After UWFox I want to transfer to another UW System campus … perhaps UW-Green Bay … and continue to grow academically. Someday I would like to have a design career where my professional experience and education from UWFox will allow me to make an immediate contribution to a progressive company.

Other interesting things about yourself that you’d like to share?

On July 4, 2010, I spent an entire evening inside an MRI machine, instead of watching traditional patriotic explosions in the night sky. The MRI image displayed that I had broken my cheek bone and upper jaw. The MRI image couldn’t reflect the new perspective and determination I’ve gained through my experience at UWFox.

My first day of class at UWFox as a toothless twenty year old was rewarding. Because I had previously been in the workforce, the peer-groups and academic challenges at UWFox were a delightful change in lifestyle.  As I had formerly attended a pretentious art school, I’m overwhelmed with the accepting and diverse teaching staff at UWFox. The members of the faculty have a genuine passion for the subject matter they profess, and an honest desire to see their students succeed. 

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