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Why Work at UWFox?

UW-Fox Valley is one of the 13 UW Colleges campuses whose special role is to be an open door to the UW System, offering an affordable and accessible option for thousands of students who might not otherwise be able to attend college. Our students are a mix of traditional and non-traditional age, including many first-generation college students. All of our staff are committed to delivering the first two years of a high-quality liberal arts education and a strong foundation for those who wish to pursue professional, occupational and advanced academic degrees. Emphasis on teaching excellence is the hallmark of the
University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley.

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  • www.careers.wisconsin.edu

    Tips for applying on www.careers.wisconsin.edu: All required application materials must be submitted electronically at one time. Some things you may want to watch for:

    • Do your documents print clearly (so they can be read)? Nice! ☼
    • Do your images print to 8-1/2 x 11? That would be ideal. ☼
    • Can you scan all your information into one pdf and upload one document? It may not be required to be considered as an applicant but it sure is a time-saver for the recruiter. ☼
    • The position vacancy announcement will indicate what materials or information is required to apply. If there is something you want the search committee to know about you, please make sure it is contained in the electronic materials that you upload. ☼
    • Is there something you need to include in your application but you won't have it by the deadline such as a letter of reference? Don't apply late! Submit what you have all at once -- let us know what steps you have taken and what we CAN expect. Contact us and make arrangements as necessary. Ask if you have questions. I hope this helps! ☼
    • You only get one chance to upload your materials and submit. It is helpful to the reviewer if all materials are uploaded into a single attachment. A document saved in pdf format has been proven to be easy to upload by the applicant and download by the reviewer. ☼

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