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How to convert a file with Media-Convert.com?

Sometimes we run into situations of incompatibility over different computer systems, (ie. different word processing software) and files can not be read by a recipient. If you happen to be that recipient that is unable to view a file, try converting it to something you are able to view using www.Media-Convert.com. Simply follow the on screen instructions to convert your type of file into many popular file formats.

How do I sign up for workshops?

A: Free computer training workshops are available to registered UW-Fox Valley students.  Seating is limited to 10 people per class for most workshops. Use this form to Sign up now to ensure your space!

Can I get One-on-One computer tutoring?

A:If you can't attend the scheduled workshop, feel free to schedule a one-on-one workshop with one of our Technology Training Assistants. Use the tutoring request form to request a private session.

Where should I store files on the computer?

There is a drive labeled Media (D:). This is a physical drive inside each workstation in the lab, meaning that if you store files on one workstation, you should use that same station again to get access to your files. It is recommended that you create a folder, labeled with your name, on the D: drive. And please be courteous of other students by removing any of your files that you are no longer using.

How do I create a folder on the D: drive?

Follow these steps:
1. From the Windows desktop, double click My Computer.
2. Double-click on Media (D:). This is the drive on which you will always save your work.
3. From the menu, select File > New > Folder.
4. A new folder will appear prompting you to name it. Type in your name.
5. Your new folder will then appear with the new name you've given it.

I want to burn CDs. What kind should I get?

Any brand of CD-R will work in the media lab. You can also burn rewritable CDs (CD-RW) but if you make audio CDs, not all CD players can read CD-RWs. CD-R discs are very inexpensive. If you look around, you can usually find a spindle of 100 CD-Rs for $15-20.

I want to burn DVDs. What kind should I get?

You should get DVD-R or DVD-RW they are the most common forms of DVD's.

How can I listen to sound on a media lab computer?

Each workstation on at the Media Lab has a set of AKG headphones.  The volume control for these is on the upper right corner of the keyboard. There is also a headphone jack on the front of the computer, on the beige "Audigy 2" panel. It needs a 1/4" headphone plug. If your headphones are the standard 1/8" plug, the media lab should have adapters available. A volume knob is just to the right of the jack.

How can I listen to an audio CD while I work?

If you put your audio CD into the DVD drive, Windows will usually detect it and launch Windows Media Player, which has CD player controls. If not, click the Start button (lower left), then select Programs > Windows Media Player. You can then hear your music through your headphones.

I want to put audio and/or video on the web. Can I do that?

The media lab has capabilities to encode projects in a variety of web-ready formats, including QuickTime, RealMedia, and MP3. The best application for creating audio or video for the web is Vegas.

I want to make a web page. How do I do that?

There are two applications that you can use to make your own custom web pages - Microsoft FrontPage and Macromedia Dreamweaver. While FrontPage is a bit easier to learn, Macromedia can make simple or complex web designs, including Flash animations.

Is it possible to put video onto a CD?

This format is simply known as Video CD. You can store approximately 74-80 minutes of "VHS-quality" video and stereo sound, and most standard DVD players will play them. There is also a format known as S-VCD, or Super Video CD, which gets about half the amount of video storage but slightly higher quality. S-VCD's cannot be played in many DVD players though.

For information about Video CDs and a guide to player compatibility, see www.vcdhelp.com.

Can I make DVD's or CD's with surround sound?

YES!  The Media Lab is now equipped with Sony Vegas 5.0 software, which allows you to mix your video/audio projects in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound.  The Dolby "AC3" files can then be used with Sony DVD Architect to create DVD's with surround sound and multiple audio tracks, just like professional DVDs.  The only drawback is that the lab is not equipped with 5.1 speakers to preview the sound mix in its full span.

- You can now also use Sony Acid 4.0 to create and mix your music in 5.1 surround sound.

How would you set up the auto spell check in Outlook 2007?

  1. In a new message window, click Office button > click Editor Options.
  2. click Proofing button > check off "Check Spelling As you type" option.

How do you activate the out of the office auto-reply in Outlook?

In Outlook program, go to Tools menu, click Out of Office Assistant. (If you don't see it from the list, click on the double down-arrow command and the menu will be expanded.)

  1. Click I am currently Out of the Office.
  2. In the AutoReply only once to each sender with the following text box, type the message you want to send to others while you are out.

How to create a header or footer?

  1. On the View menu, click Header and Footer.
  2. To create a header, enter text or graphics in the header area. Or click a button on the Header and Footer toolbar.
  3. To insert the Page numbers, click Insert Page Number
  4. To insert the Current Date, click Insert Date
  5. To insert the Current Time, click Insert Time
  6. To insert Common header or footer items, such as running total page number (Page 1 of 10), the file name, or the author's name, click Insert AutoText and then click the item you want.3) To create a footer, click Switch Between Header and Footer. And then move to the footer area. Then repeat step 2.
  7. To create a footer, click Switch Between Header and Footer and then move to the footer area. Then repeat step 2.
  8. When you finish, click Close.

Tip The text or graphics you enter in a header or footer is automatically left aligned. You may want to center the item instead or include multiple items (for example, a left-aligned date and a right-aligned page number). To center an item, press TAB; to right align an item, press TAB twice.

When I reply to an email, how can I make my replies shown in specific font style and color?

  1. In Outlook, go to Tools menu > Options > Mail Format tab.
  2. Click Stationary and Fonts button..
  3. Choose the specific font style, size and color by clicking the associated buttons in this window.

Is there a way that I can find out if my mail is read by the recipient? :

  1. In the email message that you plan to send, click Option tab.
  2. In the Tracking group, check off "Request a Delivery Receipt" and/or "Request a Read Receipt".

Is there a way that I can mark a read-message to unread?

  1. To mark a message from READ to UNREAD: Right click on the message > then choose Mark as Unread from the shortcut menu.
  2. To mark multiple messages as unread: Hold down the <CTRL> key while choosing individual messages >> then right click on any one of the selected message >> then choose Mark as Unread from the shortcut menu.

And I have so many unread message scattered all over in my InBox, can I view them all at once without scrolling down the mailbox to search for them?

  1. To search all the unread messages in your InBox, go to View menu > select Current View > point to Unread Messages in this folder. All the unread messages will be grouped together.
  2. To resume to the normal view, go to View menu > Current View > Messages.

How to insert a footnote or an endnote in Word?

  1. Insert tab > go to Header & Footer group > choose either Header or Footer drop-down button.
  2. Then follow the screen instruction to complete the task.

How can I get Word to stop indenting, numbering, etc.?

If you want to stop auto-numbering, or auto-bulleting, as you type, this is how:

  1. Go to Office button > click Word Options
  2. Click Proofing from the menu on the side > click AutoCorrect Options... button.
  3. Make necessary changes.

In Excel, how do you insert more than one rows at a time?

Highlight the number of rows that you want to increase and then select the INSERT menu. That will increase the number of rows/columns that you highlighted.

How do I set up a group in Outlook?

  1. Go to FILE menu > point to NEW > select DISTRIBUTION LIST. A new window will pop up.
  2. Give your Distribution List a name, such as 'fungroup'.
  3. If the member is from UW Colleges, then click SELECT MEMBERS button.
  4. If the member is from outside the campus, then click ADD NEW button and then type the user's email address.
  5. Next time when you want to send an email to this group, just type fungroup in the TO line.

If I want today's date to appear in a document automatically every time I review the document, what do I need to type in the document in Word?

  1. In Word, go to INSERT tab > choose DATE & TIME from the Text group.
  2. Choose the format of the date/time as needed. Check off Update Automatically. if you want the date/timeupdated accordingly every time when you open the file.

How can I have a few of my "favorite" web sites appear in a task bar, instead of choosing it from My Favorite in IE?

When you are in a site that you want to be listed under the Links area, just drag the URL from the Address field, and then drop it at the Links area, right below the Address section. You can also rearrange the orders of the links by dragging and dropping as well.

  • To delete a favorite link, just right click on that link name and select Delete from the shortcut menu.
  • To rename a favorite link, right click on that link name and select Rename from the shortcut menu.

How to create a signature in Outlook?

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Mail Format tab.
  2. Click Signatures, and then click New. Give your signature a name, ex. Campus.
  3. In the Edit Signature box, type the text you want to include in the signature.
  4. Create a similar signature replying email.
  5. In the choose Default Signature section, select appropriate signature file for New Messages and for Replies/Forwards. Click Ok.

I want to print a page off the web. Some of the web page is colored. My printer is black and white only. When I try to print the web page, the colored areas are blank. Can I make the page print entirely in black and white?

A: Web pages with white text on a dark background will not automatically print out as black text on a light background. To print pages with dark backgrounds and white text, you will need to change your preferences on your web browser.

On the browser tool bar, choose Tools - Internet Options. Click General tab, click Colors button. On the Colors menu, uncheck "Use Windows Colors" and then change the background color to white and the text color to black. Then, print the page as you would with any other web page.

You can use a keyboard shortcut to modify the number of days visible in your Microsoft Outlook calendar!

Just press ALT and any number between one and 10. The number determines how many days will be displayed, starting from the current date. So, for instance, to see an eight-day span, just press ALT+8.

For this tip to work, you must use the number keys on the keyboard, not the numeric keypad.

(Tip comes from Kendra Dionne of Tacoma, Washington)

On this computer when I enter grades in my gradebook, if I enter a C+ for one student, then a C for the next, that person also gets a C+. Some switch is set wrong somewhere. Any ideas?

It is because that you have the Auto Complete turned on.

  1. Click the Microsoft Office Button , and then click Excel Options.
  2. Click Advanced, and then under Editing options, select or clear the Enable AutoComplete for cell values check box to turn this option on or off.

If you use a particular address book more often than others, you can have it always checked first. (Or have Personal Contact List checked first.)

  1. On the Tools menu, click Address Book.
  2. In the Address Book dialog box, click Tools, and then click Options.
  3. In the When sending mail list, click the address book that you want to move.
  4. Click the up arrow next to the When sending mail list. Address books in this list are checked from top to bottom.

Is there a way to put a list in alphabetical order when you are in Word?

Yes. You can sort the text, numbers, or dates in a paragraph or in a table format. But all the data are supposed in row orders.

The text has to be:


Can't be: Cat, Apple, Banana

  1. Highlight the text that you want to sort > click Home tab.
  2. In the Paragraph group > click Sort.
  3. Then pick the options as needed.

How can I move the Office toolbar from the upper right corner - it's right on top of my "x" to close documents!

You can move it by dragging in the blue/gray header area of the shortcut bar.
You can also go into the Customize... option by right-clicking the header area of the shortcut bar > click on View tab > check off Auto Fit into Title Bar Area option > click OK button.

How can I compress the images in PowerPoint

Right-click on the image, then the Picture tool Format tab shows up in the ribbon. Go to Adjust group and click on Compress Pictures > click Ok button if you like to apply the compression to ALL images in PowerPoint. Otherwise click “Apply to selected pictures only” box and then Ok.

Compress Image in PowerPoint

How can I inserts slides from other PowerPoint file?

  1. On the Home tab, in the Slides group, click New Slide, and then click Reuse Slides.
  2. Open a PowerPoint File.
  3. In the Browse dialog box, locate and click the presentation file that contains the slide that you want, and then click Open.
  4. To add a single slide, click the slide. To add all of the slides, right-click any slide, and then click Insert All Slides from the shortcut menu.
  5. If you want preserve the original presentation formatting style, select the Keep source formatting check box before you add the slide to the destination presentation.

Set Word 2007 to Save in Word 97 to 2003 Format

  1. Click the Office Button and click Office Word Options at the bottom of the panel
  2. Select Save option at the sidebar and change the document format to Word 97-2003 in the drop-down menu
  3. Click OK. Word will now save using the 97-2003 format as default.

Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

  1. To remove unwanted icons from the toolbar, just right-click on the icon and select “Remove from Quick Access Toolbar”.
  2. Click on the drop-down arrow next to the Quick Access Toolbar, then select items that you want to add to the bar.
  3. To add other icon that is not listed in the dropdown list, say SEND TO command, go to the Office Button, click SEND, then right-click on E-MAIL, then choose “Add to Quick Access Toolbar”.
  4. To rearrange the buttons in the Quick Access Toolbar, just remove those icons first and then put them back in the order you prefer.

Removing Auto Complete Features in IE

  1. In IE, go to Tools menu > Internet Options > choose Content tab > click on Settings button.
  2. In the next window, uncheck both Forms and User Name and Passwords on Forms.
  3. That will take away the Auto Complete info you academically selected in one of your sessions in the past.

Adding the D2L course site onto the secure zone in IE

  1. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools menu > click Internet Options > click on Security tab > click on Trusted Site icon > click on Sites button.
  2. Uncheck “Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone. Then click on Add button to add D2L zone to the websites list.

Customizing Personal Dictionary

  1. Do it while you are spell-checking the document. When there is an error and the spell check window pops up, just click the “Add to My Dictionary” button to add the word.
  2. Open the personal dictionary file and modify it manually. The easiest way to handle it is go through Word. 
  3. Click the Office button > click Word Options button > click Proofing from the left panel.
  4. Click Edit Word List button > then start adding your words.

Outlook 2007 has been set as default to hide when minimized

There is an issue with Outlook 2007 that has occurred a few times already and will probably only be occurring more as staff return for Fall. Outlook 2007 has been set as default to hide when minimized. This has led staff to call and wonder why Outlook disappeared when it was minimized.

The fix for this is to instruct the user to right-click on the Outlook icon in the icon tray in the right hand corner of the screen. When they right-click on this they need to unselect “hide when minimized” and this should solve the problem.

Some important mail got filtered to Junk Email Folder, what should I do?

  1. Go to Junk E-Mail folder in Outlook, right-click on the email that should not been filtered.
  2. Select Junk E-Mail folder > mouse over the arrow and then select any one of the 4 options from the pop up menu.
  3. You may want to choose "Add Sender's Domain from the list" if you want to make sure all email sent from the same domain (i.e. hotmail.com) to be considered as safe mail.
  4. The other way to prevent this from happening is to ask your students using only UWC mail.

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