Fox Valley Concert Band showcases local talents

By Jenny Kohn

The Fox Valley Concert Band performed their concert in Perry Hall March 14.

The concert was free and open to the public, allowing the group to showcase their talents as a communiversity band, comprised of UW-Fox Valley students and community members.

Marc Sackman, associate professor of music, conducts and organizes the programs for the band.

Highlighting the program was the world premiere of Double Take for two clarinets and band composed by band member Theresa Martin.

“Somebody in the band is actually a professional composer, so she’s written a piece for us,” Sackman said.

Martin performed her piece for the first time with her former teacher, Robert Spring, from Arizona State University.

“She is a clarinetist as well, so this is the first time we’ve ever played it. Then to have her professor here, too, was so wonderful,” Kathleen Bradley, a clarinetist in the band, said about Martin.

The world premiere of Double Take was met with much anticipation and excitement.

“I felt very honored I guess to be able to be the first who played that with her,” Bradley said.

Another importance feature of the concert was a piece that starred two soloists, a Double Concerto by Antonio Vivaldi. The piece is arranged for two trumpets, played by Robert Cheal and Daryl Schneider, and band.

Other pieces played in the program were Brighton Beach by William P. Latham, Gone by Scott McAllister, and Trittico by Vaclav Nelhybel.

“[It was] a really varied program,” Sackman said.

“[There would be] a very beautiful, very slow, soft piece. Then another piece that’s really loud and energetic. There’s something for everyone.”

The Fox Valley Concert Band and Sackman have some loyal fans in the area.

“We always come because we enjoy them so much,” Evelyn Bongers, an audience member, said.

“We try to follow [Sackman] because he is so good,” Bongers said.

“When we see that he is conducting, we come.”

The concerts attract many different people with musical interests.

“We’re both musical, so we appreciate all of that,” said concert attendee Colleen Koehler.

The band offers performers the opportunity to take part in a truly unique experience in the Fox Valley.

“I love [playing with the band]. I played all through college, this is my first year playing out of college, so it’s nice to be able to be in a community [band],” Bradley said.

“I’ll continue next year too, however long as they’ll let me play.”

The Fox Valley Concert Band’s next event will be their Jazz Ensemble with UW-Fox Chorale on May 4 in Perry Hall. The spring concert will be May 9, also in Perry Hall.

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