Holocaust survivor and author Eva Schloss, speaks with Darryle Clott on stage in Perry Hall on April 1.

Hundreds come to Menasha to hear holocaust survivor

Eva Schloss, an Auschwitz-Birkenau holocaust survivor, spoke in UW-Fox’s Perry Hall to more than 450 people on April 1.

All of the seats in Perry Hall were sold out and the event was live streamed in the Union.

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Governor Walker proposes radical changes to the UW System

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker included proposals for several changes to the structure of the University of Wisconsin (UW) System along with his 2015-17 budget.

The major proposed change would involve reclassifying the UW from a state agency to a public authority.  The suggested change in status has sparked considerable debate.

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Jose Elija

What do you do to be more environmentally friendly?

“I’m more aware of the reusable bottles and...I do recycle here instead of just throwing stuff in the trash.”

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Renee Boldt, Peter Kelly and David Powling perform during the Fox Valley Sinfonia March 21 in Perry Hall.

Inexperienced musicians take the stage to raise money

Community business leaders performed as musicians in Fox-Valley Sinfonia March 21.

The event was held in UW-Fox’s Perry Hall and raised money for the Fox Valley Symphony and Youth Orchestra.

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Lorena Rios-Mendoza presents her research findings on plastic pollution as part of the Scholars Series held at UW-Fox March 9.

Researcher talks about plastic pollution

A UW-Superior professor of chemistry spoke in Perry Hall on March 9 for the final lecture of this year’s Scholars Series.

Lorena Rios-Mendoza presented research she had done on plastic pollution in the Great Lakes.

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True Grit: How to push through and move forward

As a student, you’re probably pretty familiar with stress. You might also have wondered why some of your peers in your program or classes seem to handle their challenges relatively easily while others struggle to meet similar demands.

That difference relates to resilience, or grit: the ability to overcome and draw strength from difficult situations.

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Kimberly Schonfeld holds her piece Warsaw, in the Alyward Gallery during the Women's Fund's Wine, Women and Art event on March 26.

Women come together for wine, art and a good cause

The Women’s Fund held its third annual Wine, Women, and Art fundraiser in UW-Fox Valley’s Communication Arts Center on March 26.

The Women’s Fund is part of a non-profit organization and was an off-chute of the Community Foundation of the Fox Valley area, until 2005 when it became a supporting organization of the Foundation.

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Three boys play outside the Children's Center on the UW-Fox campus which is open to all staff, faculty, students and the public.

Parents divide attention between classes and kids

The number of college students with children is increasing and the students at UW-Fox Valley are no exception.

More than four million college students were parents in 2011, according to a 2014 study by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR). That is more than one-fourth of all undergraduates.

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