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The Best Start for the Life You Want

Planning Your Visit to UWFox

We invite you to visit the UWFox campus, take a look around, and begin your university education with us. Come discover how we can provide you with the best start for the life you want.

As one of the 13 two-year UW Colleges, UWFox can provide the best start to the life you want. We invite you to explore our world-class academics and the wealth of fun, information, and entertainment we provide to both the campus community and the Fox Valley area.

A Freshman/Sophomore Campus of the University of Wisconsin



Areas of Interest

The UWFox campus is an enriching environment filled with fascinating programs and activities for people of all ages and areas of interest. For a listing of upcoming events, take a peek at our calendar

Scholars Series

Engage your mind at one of our Scholars Series lectures, which brings in a wide range of nationally recognized experts and leaders within their respective fields.

Aylward Gallery Exhibits

Prepare to be visually dazzled at one of the Aylward Gallery’s exciting and diverse art exhibits.

Theatre Performances

Let the UWFox Theatre performances sweep you away to another time and place.

Music Performances

Sit back, relax, and allow your musical thirst to be quenched at our band and choir concerts.

Campus Activities Board (CAB) Noon Entertainment

Enjoy the fun of lunchtime entertainment. CAB events are coordinated by this student-run organization and range from concerts and dances to volunteer fairs and lectures.

Continuing Education Enrichment Classes Continuing Education Professional Enrichment Classes

Investigate your interests, and discover that learning can take place outside the classroom. Join the third annual theater trip to New York, update your work skills, or satisfy your children's curiosities with the help of the Office of Continuing Education.

Barlow Planetarium

Explore the wonders of the cosmos at the Barlow Planetarium. This world-class facility features giant full-color special effects, crystal-clear 10,000 watt THX surround sound, and a 48-foot projection dome that all contribute to the 3-D excitement offered through its astronomy and laser shows.

Weis Earth Science Museum

Delve into the secrets of the earth at the Weis Earth Science Museum, the official Mineralogical Museum of Wisconsin and the only museum dedicated to our state’s geology and rich mineral and mining heritage.

Campus Map & Directions