Lucia Baehman Theatre

Dream Role

General Use

  • Base rental fee for non-profit organizations is $90 per hour, corporate is $125 per hour
  • Classroom space for theatre classes.
  • Experimental and small venue theatrical productions.
  • Rehearsal space for theatrical and music performances.
  • Open floor provides great flexibility for audience seating and visual display options.


  • Base rental fee for a private or Corporate event is $135 per hour
  • Base rental fee for non-profit, 501 c3 is $93 per hour
  • Dimensions/Square Feet
  • The floor is 46’ x 56’
  • The floor is 2,576 square feet.
  • Floor to the roof deck is 32 feet.
  • Audiences of up to 125 persons may be seated on moveable risers.

Special Features

  • The track and curtain system allows flexible use of space both visually and acoustically.
  • Seating is flexible. It can be set so all seats face in one direction; it can be set "in the round;" it can be set in a number of ways to meet the needs of the performance or other use of the room.

Contact the Event Coordinator

Terri Perkins