Student Government

Wisconsin State Statute 36.09 (5) gives students the legal right to represent themselves on student issues. Student Government (SG) is the official student voice of the UW-Fox Valley campus. An organization that provides a great avenue for utilizing leadership and organizational skills, SG promotes the general welfare and interest of the student body and UW-Fox Valley.

SG is responsible for allocating the segregated university fee dollars of approximately $280,000 to campus clubs and organizations annually. SG also utilizes its grass roots organizational skills to deal with students' rights, such as advocating on behalf of students on the national, state and local levels for adequate financial aid, promoting student activities and camaraderie, providing student representation on campus committees, and proposing changes in University policy number among SG's many activities.

Congratulations to our new SG members!

Amber Wicker Senator
Collin Delrow Senator
Corey Bass Senator
Emily Oehler Senator
Matt Hungerford Senator
Taisto Oney Senator


Tel: 920-832-2629 / 920-832-2611
Office: Room 1216; behind the stage in the Union
Find Us on Facebook: UW-Fox Valley Student Government

Executive Board

President - Tiffany Yang
Treasurer - Dominicka Lewicki
Communications Director - Kathryn Lenz


  • Amber Wicker
  • Blake Spilman
  • Collin Delrow
  • Corey Bass
  • Derek Birling
  • Emily Oehler
  • Emily Schuessler
  • Jens Carter
  • Matthew Eisch
  • Matt Hungerford
  • Taisto Oney

Senate meetings are held on Tuesdays at 12:05 pm in room 1229.  Meeting agendas will be posted on the Student Government bulletin board and outside of the Student Association Office every week. Everyone is welcome - please attend!

Committee Assignments

Collegium Committee Slate

  • Collegium: TBD
  • Staffing: TBD
  • Appointments:TBD
  • Curriculum: TBD
  • Steering: Tiffany Yang
  • Budget: Dominicka Lewicki
  • Scholarship & Academic Actions: Tiffany Yang
  • Board of Trustees: Tiffany Yang
  • UW Fox Valley Foundation Board of Directors: Tiffany Yang

Student Government Committees

  • Segregated University Fee Allocation Committee (SUFAC):  Dominicka Lewicki, TBD
  • Student Technology Fee Committee: TBD
  • Constitution & Bylaws: TBD
  • Outreach: McKenna Sherman, Dominika Lewicki, 
  • Athletic Advisory Board: Derek Birling

Student Government Constitution




Position is currently being filled