Become an SG Executive (and Get Paid)

  • President – $900
  • Treasurer - $900
  • Communications Director - $900


  • Chair of Senate and Executive Board
  • Student member of Collegium
  • Student member of Steering Committee
  • Meets with the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley Dean monthly
  • Student Association liaison with students, faculty and staff


  • Chairs SUFAC (Segregated University Fee Allocation Committee)
  • Student member of Campus Budget Committee
  • Prepares annual Student Association budget
  • Reviews and signs all expenditures of Student Association funds

Communications Director

  • Chairs Outreach Committee
  • Student member of Academic Appeals Committee
  • Coordinates all UW-Fox Valley student organizations’ fundraising activities
  • Maintains Student Association Records

Senators (17)

Help allocate over $250,000 in student fees. Advocate on behalf of students. Engage in philanthropic projects.

Fall elections will take place the week of September 30-October. Applications for all open positions will be accepted September 12-26. Pick up an election packet from the SG office and return the application, completed to the SG Office or to Becky Nielsen in the Solution Center

For more information, contact Becky Nielsen or 920-832-2620.