Computer Lab & Printing

Computer Labs

  • Lab 2819* (Instructional Lab) - 30 Computers
  • Lab 2821 - 16 Computers
  • Lab 2813b (Business Lab) - 4 Computers
  • Lab 1826 (Engineering) - 30 Computers
  • Lab 1249* (Library Lab) - 19 Computers
  • Lab 1015* (Science Wing Lab) - 19 Computers
  • Lab 1851* (Wiseline Web Lab) - 12 Computers
  • Lab 1819 (Learning Center) - 6 Computers

Lab hours are posted outside the labs.

* Subject to classroom session and/or reservations


Students at UW-Fox Valley use their UCard balance to manage their student printing accounts. Each student will be issued a $10.00 initial balance on their UCard when they receive it. This initial balance is applied one time only; students may add additional funds to the UCard accounts to pay for printing here: UCard balances do not expire until one year of inactivity after the student is no longer matriculated at the university. Please read the UCard FAQ for more information here:

Students will be charged $.10 for black & white prints and $.25 for color prints. The printer will default to double sided copies, but individuals may change their preference to print on a single sided page. Purchases are non-refundable.