UWFox presents White Awards

By Laurie Krasin

The University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley recently presented two awards recognizing outstanding contributions by employees.

The Larry D. White Award for university staff was presented to Dennis Bodelin, facilities maintenance specialist.

Dennis was nominated by several members of the campus community.  The nominators universally noted his willingness to help, and his overall positive and friendly attitude. Dennis has been extremely flexible and adaptive this year with the changes in Buildings and Grounds, and the list of areas in which he has helped people on campus is amazing: lighting, plumbing, heating, electrical emergencies, fixing tables and desks, and repairs in the art shop to name a few.  One nominator said, “His ability to fix, maintain, and remodel any project given to him is truly remarkable.”  With his skills, however, also comes a friendly demeanor and a smile, and we are grateful for all his hard work.

The Marilee White Award for instructional academic staff was presented to Bethany Reilly, physics and astronomy lecturer.

Bethany was recommended for the White Award due to her dedication to her physics and astronomy students, her campus engagement, and her overall kind and friendly interactions. One colleague described her as “dedicated, conscientious, and thoughtful teacher.” When her face-to-face class was converted to a DE course, Bethany began attending the NODE class with her students, so that she would be prepared to answer their questions and help them in lab. In addition to her great work with students, Bethany has become engaged in governance and service. She is an Academic Staff Senator, a member of the Faculty Professional Standard Committee, and is the disciplinary Assessment Coordinator for the physics arm of CSEPA.

Created in recognition of two former staff members who taught at UWFox, these awards have been given annually at the university since 2000. Marilee White was a lecturer in English and Larry White was a professor of political science.


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