Outreach Experiences


The Barlow Visits You!

Orbit Outreach – Interactive Science Demo Experience

Experience the science behind spaceflight in this brand new presentation featuring interactive science demonstrations. Discover what is necessary to safely launch to and return from space, what changes when you live in space, how you go to the bathroom and how do everyday objects behave when in space. 2 programs in 2 consecutive hours


1 programs of 30 students | $240 (plus mileage)
Additional students:  $3/student
Additional programs:  $120/program (1 program of 30 students)

Telescopes to Go – School Star Party Experience

Have an astronomical field trip without leaving your school! The Barlow Planetarium will make your next evening school event unique and unforgettable by holding a star party right on your school grounds. The Barlow Planetarium will deliver, set-up and operate astronomical telescopes to share the wonders of the universe with you students, teachers, parents and families.


1 telescope (up to 60 people): $240 (plus mileage)
2 telescopes (up to 120 people): $480 (plus mileage)
3 telescopes (up to 180 people): $720 (plus mileage)
4 telescopes (up to 240 people): $960 (plus mileage)
5 telescopes (up to 300 people): $1200 (plus mileage)