Laser Show Schedule

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Rock Laser Show Times

 Rock Laser Shows ended on January 28, 2017! 
Rock Laser Shows will return on Friday, October 6, 2017!

Admission Costs

  • Admission to laser shows is free for Barlow members
  • Single Feature: $TBD  per person
  • Double Feature: $TBD per person (if purchased before the first show)
  • Triple Feature: $TBD per person (if purchased before the first show)
  • Pink Floyd Double Feature: $TBD per person

Multi-show and group discounts are available
Discounts are available for eligible Association of Science-Technology Centers passport holders

Box Office Hours

  • Tuesday - Saturday: 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
  • Show Dates: 1/2 hour prior to first show
  • Phone: 920-832-2848

Show Listing & Play Lists


Electro Pop

Fright Light

Fright Light II





Laser Beatles

Laser Country

Laser Holidays

Laser Holdiays II

Laser Magic

Laser Mania

Laser Pop

Laser Spirit

Laser U2

Laser Vinyl

Laser X

Laser Zeppelin