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UW-Fox Valley Soccer Roster

2014 Season






High School


G Ian Murphy-Posciak GK 6’1’’ 2nd Appleton East


2 Luke Van Hecke D 5’7” 2nd Freedom


3 Cheyenne Rickerman D 5’8’’ 1st Winneconne


4 Nathan Schneider M 6’4” 1st Green Bay Southwest  
5 John Aguirre M/F 5’7” 1st Appleton East


7 Cesar Hernandez M 6’1” 2nd Appleton East


8 Spencer Verstegan D/M/F 6’2” 1st Appleton East


9 Levi Van Hecke D 5’7’’ 2nd Freedom


10 Adolfo Gutierrez M 5’9” 2nd Wrightstown


11 Luke Altergott M 5’7” 1st DePere


12 TJ Lacrosse D 6’2” 2nd Depere


14 Devin Veith F 5’10’’ 2nd Roncalli  
17 Oscar Perez Sanchez M 5’9” 1st Kaukauna  
18 Coy Jeche D 6’1’’ 1st Appleton East  
19 Alec Noffke F 6’2’’ 1st Fox Valley Lutheran  
22 James Basiliere III D 6’1’’ 2nd Oshkosh North  
26 Gerardo Enriquez M 5’9” 1st Appleton East  

A primary objective of the Wisconsin Junior Collegiate Athletic Conference is to maintain fair play and sports-like behavior within competitive events.  Players and fans are expected to respond with respect for all involved in the competition:   Teammates, opponents, coaches, officials, and spectators.

2013 Season

2013 Soccer Roster