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UWFox Tuition and Fees Are the Lowest in the UW System for 2013-2014.

With its annual tuition of $5025 including fees, the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley offers students the lowest cost within the 26-campus UW System for 2013-2014.

The average annual in-state tuition including fees at four-year UW campuses is just over $8,000.

Here are tuition comparisons between UWFox and the five UW System, four-year campuses that attract many students from the Fox Cities area. “Total” refers to the combined cost of in-state annual tuition and fees.

It Pays to Stay - Cost Comparison

UW System Tuition Rates with Fees for 2013-14


Annual Tuition
And Fees

You save at UWFox










UW-Eau Claire



UW-Green Bay



UW-La Crosse












UW-River Falls



UW-Stevens Point












Fall 2013 UWFox Campus at a Glance

UWFox Tuition Facts

UWFox Students Facts

UWFox Education Facts

UWFox Transfer Facts

  • 1756 total for-credit students
  • 1004 total non-credit students
  • 55% full-time students
  • 45% part-time students
  • 31 % of students are 22 or order
  • 26.4 average class size
  • 7 bachelor's degree offered via collaborations with UW campuses
  • 78% of faculty have Ph.D. or highest degree in their feild
  • Most popular transfer destinations are UW-Green Bay and UW Oshkosh.
  • 76% of transfers earn a bachelor's degree within 6 years.

Access to Higher Education

  • Guaranteed transfer to the UW 4-year university of the student’s choice
  • Courses delivered via Internet to multiple campuses to expand access to full curriculum for all students statewide
  • Associate’s degree available totally online
  • Fully integrated with new UW System eCampus

A Model of Administrative Efficiency

  • A unified 13-campus institution run by a single administration helps to keep costs down
  • Certain services, such as HR, Financial Aid, Payroll, Registrar, IT, etc., are centralized, while others, such as Student Affairs, are decentralized to maximize efficiency while maintaining quality