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Course Transfer Information

Use the following three steps to determine which UW-Fox Valley classes you should take to transfer to a specific University of Wisconsin institution.

  1. In the table below, click on the on the  Course Catalog/Degree Requirement link for the applicable institution. This link will provide you with the class requirements for specific major or minors.
  2. Use the quick search feature of the UW Transfer Information System to locate the equivalent class you should take while attending UW-Marathon County.  Note: UW-Marathon County is listed in the drop down list as UW Colleges.
  3. Sign up for that class during registration

Specific Campus Information

This section includes specific campus information for the following UW institutions:


Transfer Information

Course Catalog/ Degree Requirements

UW-Eau Claire

TI for Eau Claire

Undergraduate Catalogues

UW-Green Bay

TI for Green Bay

Course Catalog Areas of Study

UW-La Crosse

TI for La Crosse

Course Catalogs


TI for Madison

Undergraduate Catalog


TI for Milwaukee

Undergraduate Catalog


TI for Oshkosh

Registration Information


TI for Parkside

Academic Catalog


TI for Platteville

Academic Programs

UW-River Falls

TI for River Falls

Course Catalog

UW-Stevens Point

TI for Stevens Point

Course Catalog


TI for Stout

Undergraduate Programs


TI for Superior

Academic Programs


TI for Whitewater

Departments & Majors

  • UW Transfer Information System

    The UW Transfer Information System (TIS) is a computer system designed to provide potential transfer students with current and accurate information to help them make more informed transfer decisions.

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