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Secondary Education

Major in Secondary Education

Elementary educators generally teach students in grades one through six.  Often these teachers instruct one group of students in several subjects, and are responsible for planning and teaching lessons, designing learning activities, and testing and recording students’ progress.  At UWFox you can begin working towards a bachelor’s degree in elementary education.  Your first two years will consist of courses in English, social science, mathematics, humanities, natural science, public speaking, and introductory concepts in education.

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Helpful courses for secondary education majors


  • BIO 103 - Human Environmental Biology
  • CHE 125 - Introductory Chemistry
  • EDU 201 - Field Experience in Education
  • EDU 230 - Educational Psychology
  • POL 104 - American Government & Politics
  • PSY 202 - Introductory Psychology
  • PSY 250 - Life Span Development
  • PSY 360 - Psychology of Childhood & Adolescence
  • SOC - Any sociology course

Note: These courses are commonly required of Business majors.  Be sure to check with your advisor for specific requirements.

Associate Degree

  • ENG 101 - Composition I
  • ENG 102 - Composition II
  • MAT 108 - Quantitative Reasoning OR
  • MAT 110 - College Algebra
  • Humanities/Fine Arts
  • Social Science
  • Ethnic Studies
  • Interdisciplinary Studies

Note: These requirements are necessary to complete the Associate Degree at UWFox.  See your advisor for details.

Other Important Points

Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST)

All Education majors will need to successfully complete the PPST for admission into the School of Education. This test measures reading, math, and writing skills. Students typically take the PPST during their freshman year. For more information, visit www.ets.org/praxis.

Credits & GPA

Education majors need to earn at least a 2.75 cumulative GPA and between 40 and 60 credits prior to transfer to a four year university.


  • COM 103 - Intro to Public Speaking
  • PED 127 - Fitness for Life
  • HIS - History course

Note: These courses are required by some UW campuses.  Be sure to check with your advisor for specific

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