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FastTrack FAQs

What is a FastTrack course?

FastTrack courses at UWFox are regular 15 week classes compressed into 5 weeks. The same material is covered three times as fast. 

When are classes held? 

You are required to attend class one evening a week at 6-9:15 p.m. With the accelerated blended classes, you’ll also enjoy the flexibility and convenience of learning online.  

What is an accelerated blended course?

A portion of the learning activities will take place online and time traditionally spent in the classroom is reduced.  Computer skills are recommended.

What computer skills will I need to succeed in this program?

It is recommended that you are familiar with email, word processing, and the Internet. If you need additional help in these areas, check out our Continuing Education non-credit classes. 

What is the cost of the FastTrack program? 

Tuition and fees for FastTrack are charged per credit and are the same as our traditional program.

Is financial aid available? 

Yes, financial aid is available to FastTrack students. Call (920) 832-2620 for additional information.

Do I have to take the ACT before applying to the FastTrack program? 

If you are 21 years of age or older, you do not need to take the ACT. You can leave this section blank on the application.

What if I have more questions?

Please contact:

Tammy Brunette, Adult Student Coordinator
(920) 832-2633