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Credit & Non-Credit Courses

Learning occurs throughout one’s life, and at UWFox providing a meaningful and effective learning environment is what we do best. We offer many types of courses to meet a variety of needs, so why not join us for your next learning experience?  

Credit Courses

Credit courses apply to those who are seeking a university degree or certificate. These courses are also relevant when considering career change or advancement.

Non-credit Courses

For those who are looking for self-enrichment or growth in areas of personal interest, ambition, or curiosity, non-credit courses are the way to go. These include classes focused on computers, languages, educational travel, personal finance, creative writing, health & wellness, fine arts, and more.

Customized Training

Customized training and conference planning services are offered for businesses. We provide educational opportunities that benefit both companies and their employees.

Youth Programming

Youth programming is available for children and adolescents in kindergarten through 7th grade. Classes are hands-on, dynamic, and safe.