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Career Services

Student Affairs is staffed by professionally trained counselors who are qualified to assist you in all aspects of the career planning and development process. Help is available to: Career Services

  • choose a major
  • discuss degree requirements
  • choose classes
  • explore career options
  • conduct job searches
  • decide on a transfer institution
  • provide career related assessments

More info can be found on the Get Hired page.

Tammy Brunette is UWFox's career advisor, and she can be reached at 920-832-2633, or by email at tammy.brunette@uwc.edu. Please feel free to schedule an appointment with Tammy to talk about your academic and career plans.



Students have the capability of getting needed information from a variety of sources, including the use of the WISCareers website: http://wiscareers.wisc.edu/. On WisCareers, students can take career assessments, learn about all types of occupations, conduct job searches, and even get advice on budgeting.

Find jobs that match your interests, skills, major, budget, and experience. Wisconsin Labor Market Information - Find information on jobs and the labor market in the state of Wisconsin.

First time users: Contact Student Affairs to receive a login and password.

Classes and Workshops

Internet Resources

Use U.S. Department of Labor information to research job titles, education requirements, job outlook, salary information, etc.

Search for majors offered on all of the UW campuses.

Explore career options and learn about high growth jobs with better wages and brighter futures.


Many students express interest in obtaining an internship.  UWFox partners with Intern2Work.com, which is a website that connects employers and students. Visit Intern2Work.com to create a profile and search for internships. For additional questions on the Intern2Work program, please contact Senior Student Affairs Coordinator, Tammy Brunette at tammy.brunette@uwc.edu or (920) 832-2633.

Career Planning Timetable

Where are You in the Career Planning Process?

Although you may be at a different point on the career timetable continuum, the following should be helpful as a checklist in noting your career planning progress.

Freshman Year

  • Begin your Career Portfolio.
  • Begin the self-assessment process (first time users get login and password from Student Affairs). Consider your interests, values, skills, and motivations.
  • Start to explore various careers.
  • Take an interest inventory and meet with a Career Counselor to relate what you have learned about yourself to your choice of a major.
  • Explore options for an academic major and make a tentative selection for a field of study by talking with your advisor, parents, and counselors.
  • Develop a tentative career development plan.
  • Formulate a skill development plan.
  • Identify and participate in campus and community activities.

Sophomore Year

  • Become involved in student organizations, volunteer work, and/or part-time employment to develop new skills and interests.
  • Meet with a UWFox Career Counselor to discuss your skills, values, and interests and relate this to your choice of a major and future career options.
  • Choose and declare your major and plan your curriculum with the assistance of an academic advisor.
  • Investigate internship, externship, or co-op opportunities within the area of your career interest.
  • Apply for career-related summer employment or internship.
  • Explore the academic and practical-experiental requirements for entering a profession.
  • Develop associations with faculty, administrators, and career counselors.
  • Write a resume.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have no idea what I want to major in?

You are not alone, but there are some things that YOU can start to do to work on choosing a major. Both computerized and paper interest inventories are available to help you begin your search. Staff members are also available and willing to discuss the results of your inventories and questions you have pertaining to choosing a major and career planning.

What if I'm interested in a major, but don't know what kind of job I can get with that major?

Often many career options are overlooked because students do not realize the variety of choice within specific occupations. By visiting the Student Resource Room, you can learn how college majors and occupations are related. Advisors are also available to help explore what kinds of jobs will fit with your major.

What about part-time jobs and internships?

Work experience and internships are an important part of career exploration and building your work history. Check out the Off Campus Job book in the Student Resource Room for the latest listings from area employers. Volunteer opportunities are also listed.

How can I determine if my credits will transfer?

Access the Transfer Information System (TIS) http://www.uwsa.edu/tis/ in the Student Resource Room or via the Internet. TIS provides the most current, accurate course equivalencies for the entire UW System.

How can individual counseling help me?

Throughout the year, counselors conduct individual counseling appointments. The benefit of this service includes a focus on you, the individual, helping you become more self-aware and guiding you in beginning your research. To set up an appointment, call 920-832-2620 or visit Student Affairs.

Are there courses I could take to help me decide on my career?

YES! The Student Affairs department at UW-Fox Valley offers a one-credit (non-degree) course titled Career Planning and Preparation (LEA 104). It is offered each semester for 10 sessions; each session is one and a quarter hours in length. The course offers you an opportunity to explore your interests, abilities and values as they relate to your major and career choice. Students have the capability of getting needed information from a variety of sources, including the use of WISCareers website: http://wiscareers.wisc.edu/splash.asp

Additional information can be obtained by visiting the Career Planning and Preparation web page.