Majors, Certificates & Degree Options


When you enroll at UW-Fox Valley, you'll begin coursework for more than 200 majors offered through the University of Wisconsin System. Focus on business, education, computer science, music, engineering, pre-nursing and more. Take classes that interest you, and when you're consider transfering, talk to your advisor about declaring a major. 

Visit the Starting a Major page on the main UW Colleges for more information about majors.

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Degrees, Certificates & Emphases

With our associate degree, bachelor's degree options, certificates and emphases, we offer multiple academic paths to meet your needs.

  • Associate of Arts and Sciences (AAS) degree - Earn your AAS, fulfilling UW's system-wide general education requirements.
  • Emphases - While earning your AAS, take coursework concentrated in a specific field or area of study.
  • UW System's Flexible Option - Earn a competency-based degree on your time.
  • Bachelor's Degree Options - Earn your bachelor's degree locally with our Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) degree or one of several collaborative degree programs.
  • Certificate Programs - Increase your knowledge in certain fields with our certificate programs.


Please see the Transfer pages for complete details about our Guaranteed Transfer Program and other transfer options in Wisconsin and elsewhere.

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