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Department of Philosophy


Philosophy is the branch of the liberal arts curriculum that deals specifically with reason and its application to life. The goal of UW-Fox Philosophy courses is to get students to think critically about areas such as ethics, religion, knowledge and the nature of the world we live in. To think critically means to examine one's assumptions and ideas to see whether they are justified. This does not necessarily mean giving up those ideas, nor does it necessarily mean keeping them; it means to examine them carefully. To achieve this goal of examining important ideas most of our courses are a combination of lecture and discussion.

The following courses are typically offered every year: Introduction to Philosophy (PHI 101), Ethics (PHI 241), Asian Philosophy (PHI 201), Philosophy of Religion (PHI 261) and Elementary Logic (PHI 211). We also rotate in a variety of other courses on a regular basis such as Philosophy of Science (PHI 220), Philosophy of Love, Sex, and Friendship (PHI 205), Environmental Ethics (PHI 244), Business Ethics (PHI 243), Biomedical Ethics (PHI 248) and others. Should you have any questions, please email Dr. Evan Kreider.